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By spoonman
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A one point she was OK as a blue in her veins Tory whom could at least take a joke and not turn the nastiness up to 11 but the last couple of years has seen her try to be Katie Hopkins lite. And I refer my opinion on JHB to what I said earlier in this thread - complete cunt.
By Kreuzberger
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While Jamjar and her ilk are still selling advertising airtime, nae cunt will care. Nothing personal, you understand, it's just business.
By Bones McCoy
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The BBC reports

Journalist 'no-platformed' by GPs over Enoch Powell tweet


In which Julia got herself uninvited from a GP conferende after bigging up Enoch.

One wonders why the quotation marks are around "no platformed" and not "Journalist".
One also wonders about the "Yooman right" to bother a lot of hard working doctors trying to go about their business.
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