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By crabcakes_windermere
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He's done this before. Hitchens' wanting to revert to feet and inches has only 2 real drivers. The first is his nostalgia for a simpler, more superstitious world where he would have been revered as a great thinker, as opposed to a hypocritical, egotistical columnist in a Sunday tabloid forever eclipsed by his late brother. The other comes from a very similar place - he knows feet and inches and knows that generations that followed him don't, therefore it is an opportunity for him to feel smug and superior and be condescending to the youth who are too stupid to understand even basic measurements.
By Andy McDandy
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Also note that his idealised England is essentially the rural home counties and Thames valley. The Oxbridge/London triangle. Think about all that it isn't.
By MisterMuncher
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My brother is an automation engineer. His plans are all metric, in mm. An American firm had already started fabricating from the plans he sent for some block-making equipment when he landed.

Still, though, I'm sure someone needs a 150" concrete block.
By Big Arnold
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PETER HITCHENS: The war on marriage? It is all about controlling YOUR children

Why does our new power elite hate lifelong marriage so much? Why does the legal arm of that elite, the Supreme Court, hand out what is left of the privileges of marriage to those who won’t get married, as it did with the widowed parents’ allowance on Thursday?
Because it's the 21st century. Next question.
Why does the propaganda arm of our ruling class, the BBC, promote a drama called Wanderlust with publicity which, in the BBC’s own words, ‘asks whether lifelong monogamy is possible – or even desirable’.
Bums and tits. Next question.
After all, we have long been used to the sight, on TV, of police officers smashing down front doors, or conducting dawn raids – and of being expected to approve of it.
Drugs raids. Aren't they a good thing?
Amid the grunts and the creaking of bedsprings, and the pompous phrases of the judges, listen hard and you can hear them weaving Britain’s winding sheet.
Go home. You're drunk.
I am sure Lady Kitty Spencer simply cannot have been aware that the necklace in which she poses is designed to resemble marijuana leaves, or why it matters.
It doesn't matter, but it wouldn't be a Hitchens column if it didn't mention drugs.
Our Government, which seems to have sold its soul to the developers, is on the brink of ordering the building there of something called the Oxford-Cambridge Expressway, another hideous stripe of concrete which will tear up trees and scar hills, and create a long, wide corridor of noise, stink and light pollution.
A stopped clock is right twice a day.

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/artic ... ldren.html
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By Big-Iain
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Front Page thumbnail -
The British economy today resembles a clown on a unicycle, wobbling across Niagara Falls in a high wind on a tightrope, carrying a tottering burden of dead refrigerators, says Peter Hitchens.
I don't even need to click and read to realise that Hitchin's article will make me want to punch the screen. Repeatedly. That's gotta be one of the ugliest sentences I've ever read.
By Catkins
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Peter's got himself into another twitter spat. His MoS column was about the disgraceful Americanism 'county lines' being used in the UK. Tons of people, many of them involved in the legal sector, pointed it wasn't an Americanism, and 'lines' referred to telephone lines.

Peter would have none of it. And decided to take on the Secret Barrister who pointed out their error. The SB is 'self-regarding and overpraised" apparently. As for their best-selling book, Peter pointed out rather sniffily that best-selling does not mean best.

Peter still insisted that he was right and demanded that SB publicly apologise to him or he would punish them by.....blocking them on Twitter. :roll:
By Big Arnold
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PETER HITCHENS: Let's face it... we’re a small, debt-ridden country nobody cares about
How I laugh now when they go on, in the USA, about how they will never give in to Al Qaeda or Islamic State, or whoever it is. Oh, really? Those who now moan over Northern Ireland having a special status in the EU deal have left it a bit late. Since Britain’s forced surrender to Sinn Fein in 1998, arranged to placate Irish votes and political donors in the USA, the province has only been a conditional part of the UK
Speaking for myself, I prefer the post-GFA era.

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/arti ... about.html
By youngian
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I never thought all that much of the BBC series The Night Manager, a silly and nonsensical adaptation of a lightweight book by John le Carré, once a truly great writer, but alas great no longer, thanks to too much adulation. But the attempt to cash in on its success by filming The Little Drummer Girl is much worse.

The story in the book was always hard to credit, though ingenious. But its sideswipes at European Left-wing fanatics of that age were very telling. In the book, the heroine, Charlie (played in the series by Florence Pugh), was repeatedly beaten up by her aggressively nasty Marxist actor boyfriend. You can see lots of reasons why nobody would dare to include that now, but leaving it out makes her decision to throw in her lot with the Israelis much harder to understand.

I haven't read the book but if Hitchens is right than the TV adaption has made Charlie a more typically jaded Le Carre anti-hero than he did in his book. She's a shady character who likes trying on masks and gets off on the thrill of spycraft deception.
By Chris S
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This Christmas Eve it is 50 years since the Apollo 8 Moon Mission, which transformed our view of our planet by providing the two most astonishing photos of our home: one of the whole planet, the only tiny trace of warmth and colour in a frozen, monochrome universe; the other of Earth rising over the surface of the Moon. The astronauts – practical, military men versed in science, maths and engineering but overcome by the mysterious glory of the universe seen from space – took it in turns to read the soaring poetry of the opening words of the King James Bible. How the atheists fumed. Let them. They can never defeat Christmas
I'm fumming babez xx
By Andy McDandy
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I can acknowledge the beauty of the language of the KJVI bible, and the architecture of a cathedral. Just don't ask me to believe that anything more than human ingenuity made them possible.
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