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By shyamz
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Despite her never ending quesys to find a boyfriend (you're 53 Liz, perhaps it's time to find a more mature word for it?), and her smugness apon finally finding a guy damaged enough to be with her, you cannot help but get the feeling she finds sex of any kind strange, nasty and unpleasant.

After all, she doesn't seem to realise that that is not the sort of thing you talk openly in a national newspaper about, particularly in what is just a fatuous "style" based column.
She seems very disconnected from what is normal regarding talking publicaly about sex (look at her condom stealing past).

If she were happy with it and had normal healthy outlook on sex, she'd be comfortably discreet about it.
By Samanfur
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Ebon Badger wrote:Jordan/Katie Price's books are ghost written for her. She has some input as to plot I think, but it's some other poor sod's job to write it down and hash it out into a story. I hope they're well paid :D

The ghost writer put out a book under their own name (Rebecca Farnworth, if anyone cares) last year.

It flopped. Horribly. And allegedly deservedly so.

They probably know to hang on to a cushy job where they could sell used tissues with the right name on whilst it lasts.

She at least seems to be a ghost who's made a name as someone's ghost, rather than stayed in the background. Then again, when you're dealing with an articulate intellectual heavyweight like Price, I suppose that suspension of disbelief only goes so far.
By shyamz
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The fact that her style flopped so awfully when it was released under her own name, just goes to prove that people don't expect greatness from Price - the fact that the woman can write books under Price's name and they'll sell by the bucketload, but when people think it's someone else it isn't good enough.

I'm not saying the ghostwriter isn't probably shit -her carreer choices are testament to that- but shit though she is, she's still good enough to be Jordan.
By shyamz
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Women have it very easy.

All we have to do is get out of bed to be considered "brave".

There was a time when writers were only called "brave" because they spoke out against injustice, gave a voice to the concerns and fears of people denied a right to speak, or didn't bow to the dictators of their homelands and instead wrote their own views speaking out against their ruler's cruelty and opression.

Now all they have to do to be called brave is leave the house with no slap on.

This is so irritating on so many levels that I cannot be bothered to dissect it.
By crabcakes_windermere
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The irony is, the only element of bravery about appearing sans make-up is that for celebs at least they run the risk of the likes of the bloody Mail publishing pap shots of them looking rough and extrapolating that to impending divorce/arse cancer/eating disorders etc. They wouldn't need to be "brave" if it weren't for the crappy rag and its crew of harridans referring to them as brave on this occasion acting like spite-filled judgmental shits most of the time.
By Arnold
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Liz Jones, 53, lives in Somerset. She says:
This is why I don’t live with a man

Right... Nothing to do with finding such a man.
I always remove make-up before I go to bed and apply three skin creams (eye, night and lip), as well as gloopy cream rubbed into hands, feet, knees and elbows.
I drink organic rainwater before I go to sleep, and am propped up by four pillows (John Lewis, top of the range), like a Victorian consumptive.

I wouldn't want to sleep next to that. And since when does rainwater come in organic and inorganic varieties?
By JohnTheJohn
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Is it me or dies she look about a hundred times more normal (not to mention more attractive) when she's old?

Incidentally one of my friend's parents actually works as fashion photographer for the mail, so she probably has had to take pictures of Jones posing a fair few times. I feel a sudden wave of pity...
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