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By Andy McDandy
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Fashion journalism (in fact journalism in general) seems to be one of those areas where expertise is gained largely by loudly telling everyone you're an expert.
By davidjay
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Arnold wrote:
Sun May 20, 2018 9:38 am
She must be short of money again.
So whose fashion sparkled... and who missed the Markle? The Royal Wedding hits and misses by LIZ JONES
Yes, Harry, she did look amazing! LIZ JONES gives her fashion verdict on Meghan's dress
Kate the recycling queen gives McQueen coat yet another outing – but is she thrifty or too busy to go shopping? Asks LIZ JONES
Yet in her diary she says:
I haven’t really written about fashion for four years

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/you/art ... happy.html
By mr angry manchester
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They just babble on about meaningless shite, to sound important. You know “Meghan is wearing a double Bell fronted sand Thomas, with ribbed sibling and snap on fungus turret” kind of stuff.
By youngian
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Liz had a late delivery. This week Liz is living in the Yorkshire Dales but its crap unlike London and is not keen to get back together with her imaginary hunk.
LIZ JONES'S DIARY: In which a run-in with a delivery driver is the final straw
I’ve gone off, like a carton of sour milk. I was poised, barely three weeks ago, to either rekindle things with David (mad) or attract someone new (unlikely; my feeling is I put off The Hunk by writing about him in this column, even though I changed the continent he lives on, his profession and didn’t name him). But now everything I had done – roots, feet, lashes, brows and all the bits and bobs in between – has reverted to type. I’ve turned into one of those women who, at all times of day and night, worry the whiskers on their chin, studying one extracted between thumb and forefinger against the light in triumph.

My main problem – apart from all the other ones, of course – is that I cannot stand living in the Yorkshire Dales. It’s not just the constant shooting of crows, pigeons, foxes and rabbits; it’s also the delivery drivers.

I always order my coffee beans from Coffee Plant on the Portobello Road. They roast the best coffee in the world; unlike me, it’s not bitter. The beans are my last little bit of luxury, the one remaining tenuous thread connecting me with London, the place I call home. But almost every time, the order is stuffed up. Last month the wrong amount of beans was sent. The time before the driver said my road was closed when it wasn’t. Yesterday, having waited in all day for the driver, I got a text that evening. ‘Roy was unable to find your address. We will update you shortly.’

Today, I received a text to say Roy will deliver my coffee between 10.45am and 11.45am. Hooray! But at midday, having sat by the front door all morning, I checked my phone. Another text, to say Roy could not find my address. Again. Why couldn’t he phone me? Or look it up on a map? What is wrong with him? It sent me over the edge.

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/you/art ... z5GoqQbN6T
By MisterMuncher
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Living semi-rural myself, I would get anything time critical or valuable sent to the local shop via Collect+ or similar, just to ensure it'll get delivered without any faff or bullshit thanks to the non-sequential house numbers and scattershot approach of the local courier subcontractors.

Then again, I'm an actual person, responding to mild inconvenience, not a caricature wallowing in self pity.
By karlt
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Wish she was. It's further from here. Last thing the Dales needs is twats like her whining about how shit it is not breathing in CO fumes morning noon and night and being able to walk to pub without slotting in amongst thousands of other people. Just go to the fucking supermarket in Skipton or Ilkley like everyone else. Or fuck off back to That London.
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