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By aljardi
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Never mind Mail reader; that guy is a lunatic! He has some choice videos on there! One of them goes on about "hanging gays" when his "party" gain power! What a sad fool.
By Adam
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So, a benefit scrounger, eh?
By Adam
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I've watched a couple of those. How stupendously loopy. He seems to just find bits of video and it's only by the title that you can tell whether he thinks it's a good thing or not.

He also seems to be suggesting that restrained and elegant fencing is the best way to rid the country of lefties, if the Leni Riefenstahl video is anything to go by. Which would surely take a lot longer and give us a sporting chance at least. How very British.
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Stupid twat. The 'classic brits' vid opens with the Canal Plus logo. He's holding up something funded by France as 'classic brit'.
By Matthew Austin
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100% USMC


we have no need of the filth of the eu , indeed they are as much a part of the problem as the muslims themselves

we will destroy their habitats and the politicians who feed, nurture and encourage them

the war has begun

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can't help but picture him in a home made suit of armor contructed out of bits of kitchen wear as he types that.
By Adam
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ACG wrote:can't help but picture him in a home made suit of armor contructed out of bits of kitchen wear as he types that.

Marvellous. Do you imagine him with a collander as a helmet? I do.
By cycloon
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Half over his eyes, so he has to tilt his head back to look at anyone, teeth bared, ears waggling, beer can in hand.
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By bluebellnutter
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I had a rather interesting "conversation" with this gentleman about a year ago now (I did post the link on here, but blowed if I can find it), turned out that when he didn't have any evidence to back up his batshit theories he likes to resort to insults. Who'd have thunk?
By LuciusAR
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I also remember this neanderthal. He has a great video from A bridge too Far when Edward Fox outlined the plan to his subordinates which he called "Great British Leadership.'

My comment pointing out that Market Garden was not only a disaster but also that plenty of Polish troops where involved as well was swiftly deleted.
By Amazonian
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Particularly hilarious is the way that he has a clip of Pink's fascist leader reverie/nightmare from "The Wall" and seems to believe that it's simply in favour of smashing Left-Wing FILTH.

Either he's never seen the whole film or he's even more of a wilfully point-missing arsehole than he first appears. No mean feat.
By WeAreTheBritish
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YouTube seems to be infected with a lot of nu labour, uaf and common purpose supporting left wing filth

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