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By Samanfur
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Boiler wrote:
Mon Oct 05, 2020 6:12 pm
I couldn't make up my mind whether this deserved "twat" or "cunt"... but I'm going with the latter.
It didn't end there.

The petulant little twerp ambushed the other guy in the pit lane after the race - and brought his rich daddy and a few mates along to join in, as well.
By Cyclist
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Alan Sugar. Again.
. Lord Sugar: Government must be careful not to 'encourage people to sit at home'
11 October 2020, 14:38 | ... t-at-home/

What else are they going to do in lockdown? You stupid fucking knobhead
By MisterMuncher
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For a man who, generously speaking, hasn't done an actual day's work since the mid-eighties, Sir Alan certainly fetishizes the work routine. Or is shit-scared of his property portfolio having it's value "readjusted" by increased WFH.
By Boiler
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The WFH thing continues to pay dividends for many; I can't, obvs - but the drive into work of a morning is a leisurely 90 minutes at a steady 65mph now, rather than a real-life version of GTA on the A1(M) followed by sitting in stationary traffic around Stevenage. Better for my nerves and looking at the trip computer, better for the planet as the car uses less fuel.
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