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By Baht At
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Winston O'Hoodie wrote:Baht At wrote
the very considerable evidence that he has certain deficiencies in the way he socialises (to the extent that it is suggested by many that he is autistic)
The 'many' including such experts in this field as George Osborne and Alistair Campbell. Is there anyone you would like to cite that would back up this 'diagnosis' of autism that doesn't include Tory politicians, Blairites and right-wing journalists/writers?
Well from what I've seen of his public appearances my view is that they are probably being charitable.

Take for example that grin that dissappears when he thinks the cameras aren't looking - even worse than Blairs.

Of course some in the Daily Mail defend him from the autism charge:

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By larrylargesse
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Policeman swept to death in floods as Britain braces for a MONTH'S rainfall in the next 48 hours

An off-duty policeman was swept to his death as Britain braced itself for more flood misery, amid warnings that a month's rain will fall in the next 48 hours.

PC Shaun Horton is thought to have slipped and fallen into the stream at the brook near his home in Alfreton, Derbyshire, as he walked his dog Tara. ... rtComments

dave chips in with...

Hosepipe bans are a certainty for this year then!

- Dave, Basingstoke, UK
By jonnyhead
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larrylargesse wrote:Hosepipe bans are a certainty for this year then!

- Dave, Basingstoke, UK
Hooray! That one's such a hilarious joke that I bet more than one person makes it. The last time I read a story about floods back in June, all these appeared on ONE story:
The hosepipe ban is still on in Herts.

- Immy, St Albans, UK
I feel cold just looking at these pictures. Can't wait for the next hose pipe ban!

- Suzi, Wirral
No need for a hosepipe ban then!

- L.Legrice, Rainworth Notts
So when is the hosepipe ban coming into force? We must be getting the wrong type of rain surely!

- Phil Rogers, Chelmsford
Hose bans next month then!

- Nigel, Somerset
No excuse for a hosepipe ban by the Water Boards this summer, then.

- Dg, Cheltenham
Am I OK to use my garden hose yet?

- Robert Calvert, United Kingdom
When does the hose-pipe ban begin?

- Bob, Nottingham, UK
Have they cancelled the hose pipe ban yet?

- Jennifer, Doncaster
I suspect we wll still have a hosepipe ban in August.

- Brian Harding, UK
Hose pipe ban will be next!

- Garry Deakin, Witham Essex
Hosepipe ban to follow? The wrong kind of rain?

- John, Newcastle
I bet that there is still a hosepipe ban.

- Michael Orr, Malaga, Spain
Next we'll have a two week dry spell and be told there is a hose pipe ban and a drought.

- Richard, Stevenage England
Who's going to be the first to sarcastically mention global warming? :D
By office_tramp
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Not only do they hardly ever bother to read the story properly, they don't even bother to read each other's comments before posting their own pearls of wisdom.

Between the hope-pipe-ban wags, people slagging off Lily Allen and a slew of lady bashing there are so many cunts around today that it really is impossible to choose.
By dorisbonkers
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Posted by: nickjcos on 23/08/07 at 08:11 PM

Reminds me of the anti AIDS adverts of the 80s (?) ...... the fools were saying the ads were only scare they stopped the ads....... and AIDS has increased.

We were, in effect, 'marginalising' those who risked AIDS. This was / is not a bad thing.
Does he mean what I think he means?
By Esqui
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I don't know, but we have another cuntender (like what I did there? Oh, if you don't get it, just forget it ;)), Michael Salin of Hutton Brentwood, from the letters page today:
The British Board of Film Classification is a useless quango which never censors anything. It should be abolished.
"They've done something I don't agree with. They're useless, get rid of them."
It's highly irresponsible and has no evidence that the appalling films it allows to be shown don't harm young people or potentially disturbed individuals
Clearly it does have evidence, otherwise it would let them be shown to young people and not give them an 18 certificate. Fair point about the disturbed people though, but someone else may have to take the responsibility there.
The public have no idea who the members of the board are. Their backgrounds are unknown as are their connections and salaries. Who appoints these wretched people?
Because it's not really a 'board'. They have a large team of examiners. According to the BBFC, "Examiners are drawn from a range of backgrounds including social work, teaching, probation, journalism, research, psychology and marketing." They are appointed as with any other job...they apply, get interviewed and then are accepted or not.
We need a new body to represent families, teachers, medical experts and church leaders
No, that's the last thing we need.
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