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By MisterMuncher
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Thing is, I did watch "They think it's all over" back when it was on, and was probably aware of him on his heyday, as such, but I can't for the life of me recall a scratch of his material. He was a professional comedian on a show with Rory McGrath and David Gower, for fuck sake. He should have stood out like burning magnesium
By davidjay
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Comedians with a modicum of talent and intelligence can re-invent themselves when their era is up. Bernard Manning did it, even Jim Davidson has after a fashion. Lee Hurst seems to be playing a lot of arts centres and small theatres these days.
By SoulBoy
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Not for the first time, Giles Coren.

'The NHS didn't save you – science did!' Giles Coren accuses Richard Bacon of pandering to his 'snowflake' fanbase by praising NHS doctors for saving his life in VERY heated Instagram row ... w-NHS.html
By Boiler
I wonder how the author of that letter would feel if events in his life reduced him to homelessness. I was talking to my mate tonight: yes, he used to pay his taxes, owned his own business then he got T-boned at a junction. Several life events later he now lives hand to mouth as he refuses to claim benefits, and lives in a storage unit where he hopes he's never discovered.
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