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By Andy McDandy
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I took a look at the comments on Yahoo. Why?


Very sad but you don't get this fuss made about doctors or nurses or soldiers who die young.

Who/why is this news?

Good, one less paki.

She wrote for the Indy and Guardian, good riddance.

Doubtless the BBC will force us all to do a 2 minute silence for her (???).

Bet they're covering up the real reason for her death (followed by nudge nudge suggestion that immigrants are importing deadly diseases/it was drugs or terrorism).

Bet they'd never do this for an indigenous* white man.

*Seems to be the latest fad. As opposed to Poles etc, but encompassing Australians etc, as they have "centuries old roots here".
By Boiler
Andy McDandy wrote:
Tue Oct 01, 2019 5:06 pm
I took a look at the comments on Yahoo. Why?
Why Indeed? You know Yahoo! comments are a cess pit. It's as soul-destroying as me going to see Dr. Google and deciding my occasional wheeze and cough is 100% lung cancer. You know bloody well you shouldn't do it... but you do.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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Labour MP Rosie Duffield reveals she was a domestic abuse victim in a 'moving and horrifying account' to Parliament ... ament.html

Stunning and Brave, Here There And Everywhere , United Kingdom, about 14 hours ago
We don't care
+243 -79
SufferingTaxPayer, LostSouls, United Kingdom, about 14 hours ago
I am sick of hearing how this is a male only problem. Crying on parliament? What's next, a She section for the Houses of Commons?
+361 -91

This guy appears to imply that maybe she's lying?
Dont_Mention_Grieg, Truth Town, United Kingdom, about 14 hours ago
Did she go to the Police about it? Did the Lib Dems talk about one of their MPs who was arrested for slapping her partner? Thats actual violence rather than an allegation against someone who now cant defend themselves because because Parliamentary Privilege has been used.
+340 -59

And the WORST RATED comments:
Sandy597, Leicester, United Kingdom, 14 hours ago
Brave woman.
+73 -193
Not.tory, Macclesfield, United Kingdom, 13 hours ago
Bless her, such a brave speech. If it helps one person then it was well worth it.
+104 -187
By Samanfur
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My MP, Jake Berry (Mailwatch passim).

As I've explained before, his head is rammed far too tightly up Johnson's fundament for self-awareness:
Conservative front bencher slammed for shouting “Britain First” in Commons

A Conservative MP has been criticised for shouting “Britain first” at Jeremy Corbyn in Commons today.

Just a week after Boris Johnson used the memory of Jo Cox as an ill-intentioned incentive to “get Brexit done”, Jake Berry further sullied her memory by yelling “Britain first” during a debate.

The killer of Jo Cox repeatedly shouted the same words as he shot and stabbed the Labour MP a week before the European Union referendum, it was reported at the time.

But that didn’t stop the Cabinet Minister for the Northern Powerhouse and Local Growth using it in parliament today.

Responding to Boris Johnson’s statement on Brexit, Berry screamed “Britain first! Britain first!”, which was picked up by Labour MP Richard Burgon.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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Under an article about Brexit:

Flagadoodle, Santa Grotto, Greenland, 18 minutes ago

That won't happen, haven't you heard? 39 people supposedly died in a container in an amazing co-incidence just before October 31st. And from this the media has decided for us that this proves we can't stop migrants who want to come here because they're so greedy, I mean desperate, for benefits and free homes. The media's collective decision is if you are British you have no say at all and should be humoured and ignored, while if you were born in any one of 194 other countries, you are a desperate saint who must be allowed to migrate until Britain is one super city.

+4. -0
By Boiler
I would like to think that individual is a troll, and a badly damaged, mentally ill one at that.

But I don't want to understand people like this: what I want for them makes me no better than them though.
By Kreuzberger
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Twelve hours which show just how far they have been radicalised by their press, Farage and the ERG. In one sense, they present little danger due to sloth, advancing years and general cowardice.

But, they have the potential to pollute their home environment and that is when it start to become worrying. They are becoming more hysterical by the hour and the Prevent team should be all over these IP addresses like a Grattan's suit.
By Boiler
Kreuzberger wrote:
Wed Oct 23, 2019 8:47 pm
Twelve hours which show just how far they have been radicalised by their press, Farage and the ERG. In one sense, they present little danger due to sloth, advancing years and general cowardice.
What makes you think that? I've met plenty of comparative youngsters who hold views like this.

Cunts beget cunts, after all.

Agree with you re: Prevent.
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