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By Samanfur
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A joint award:
Brits abroad sing ‘we’ve all got the virus, na na na’ as they’re herded off beach

Sun-baked Britons defying lockdown measures on holiday in Benidorm have been filmed singing ‘we’ve all got the virus, na na na na’ at Spanish police.

A video which appeared on social media this weekend shows a group of around 50 people – some topless, others holding cans of drink – chanting outside a block of flats as officers attempt to get them to go inside.

Spain – which has the highest number of cases in Europe behind Italy – has declared a 15-day state of emergency, with some 47 million Spanish residents banned from leaving their homes except to buy food, go to hospital, work or help an elderly person or relative.

Cases of the virus soared by 1,500 in just 24 hours on Saturday and so far almost 300 people have died.

Sirens can be heard in the background of the video as members of the group stand outside the flats, beginning to sing when police arrive. Officers eventually manage to herd the rowdy group indoors.
By Samanfur
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And another one. I appreciate that some of these people may be genuinely desperate for things in the current climate, but it won't be all of them.

And how low can you go to take from people who can't even afford to buy things?
Tesco removes food bank trolley after it’s raided by panic buyers

A Hove supermarket removed its food bank donation trolley after panic buyers were spotted raiding it.

A customer alerted staff to items being taken from the trolley behind the tills at the Tesco superstore in Church Road, Hove.

They asked customers to leave donations with cashiers at the checkouts to make sure it gets to those who need it most.

The trolley was returned to its usual place on Tuesday afternoon.

The removal was spotted by former councillor Chris Hawtree, who said: “I was shocked to hear in a #Hove supermarket that its food-bank basket has been taken out the back because people were stealing tins from it as they could not find stock to buy.”
By Boiler
Fine. These cunts want "Blitz Spirit"?

Then let's introduce food rationing. They'll be the first to fucking roar about it. The fact that eBay is enabling these cunts is making me all the more mad.

My sister-in-law decided for some reason to telephone Ocado last night about setting up an account. Initially, she was number 7,800 in the queue. After half an hour she was 194.

I made a Tesco order last night. I am no great fan of Tesco but I could at least get an order close to the end of the month. The amount of tinned food that was "unavailable" was astonishing.
By MisterMuncher
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Thing is, eventually some gobshite like that is going to die as a free citizen, probably battered with a shovel by someone trying to keep them away from oldies and kids.

The tragic thing is if they'd used a spade they'd be better fixed to dig a quick grave.
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By spoonman
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For all the utter bravado in trying to show off her big ovaries, the utter bastard in me would be very curious as to just how far Ms. Perrins would be willing to go to be a martyr for her tweets. :imp:
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