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By Bones McCoy
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davidjay wrote:
Thu Sep 03, 2020 3:14 pm
Will contenders please form a queue.

Plenty of people there who've re-imagined the RNLI's mission in their own words.
The types who'd be locking the 3rd class gates on the Titanic.

Mildred, the cunt farm gate's open again!!
By Andy McDandy
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A few years ago there was outrage when it emerged that the Princess Diana memorial fund was giving money to causes the Mail etc would classify as "trendy". "Betrayal! This isn't what she would have wanted!" they howled. Suggesting that they hadn't been paying much attention while she was alive.
By Bones McCoy
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It's worth noting that most of their rescues are inshore lifeguard and RIB work (known since Blue Peter raised money to buy "Inshore rescue inflatables - about 40 years ago".

Second most popular is yachters and other pleasure boats that get into difficulties.
Frequently the wrong wind or an engine breakdown, needing a tow back to a safe haven.

The days of guys in sou-westers plucking jolly jack tars and mateyloos form the upturned hull of a tramp-steamer are largely relegated to history.

A fair proportion of those rescued during the steam age were "lascars" - sailors of colour.
I wonder what the anti-PC contributors would have said about that?

Hell they even have ladies on the crews now, and sometimes let them drive.
How much more subversive anti-British can you get?
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