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:sunglasses: 5 % ❤ 2.5 % 😯 2.5 % :grinning: 72.5 % 🙏 7.5 % 😟 2.5 % :cry: 5 % :shit: 2.5 %
By The Red Arrow
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"Chef has ordered me to personally apologise for the thumbs in the soup business. And I'll make sure my trousers are zipped up from now on. Please accept a bottle of plonk on the house for all the trouble. I hope I didn't spoil your evening too much. I'm new to this job, you see - and lacking confidence."
By Andy McDandy
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Bottom remake falls flat.

"Ah yes, what should I do now...oh sorry, I thought you were a Russian agent"

"I can't really do 'for the pink' with you, but this one's definitely for the stink!"
By MisterMuncher
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"and she's turned the weans against me. At least the ones she knows about"

I've never before seen a picture of two people on a park bench that would look less sad if one was to Photoshop in a bottle o' Buck wine and a bag of Dutch Gold
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