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The Mail did report it, but although the offender has been named they have not updated the article. Comments are not being accepted probably for legal reasons? ... -bank.html
You're jesting! Comments are not allowed because the Mailites would be on the side of the van driver, and that's too strong even for the evil Mail.
Malcolm Armsteen wrote:
Mon Jul 08, 2019 9:40 pm
You're jesting! Comments are not allowed because the Mailites would be on the side of the van driver, and that's too strong even for the evil Mail.
I did assume that an on-going court case was the reason, but if they had been allowed my guess would be probably about three moderated with a couple of thousand arrows each way depending on the viewpoint!
'I can't breathe most of the time': Ben Goldsmith reveals the depths of his despair and shares photos of 'academic superstar' daughter Iris, 15, who dreamed of becoming a barrister before she died in tragic crash

He told the Daily Mail: 'I just can’t get my head round the enormity of what’s happened — it’s just so unfair. I’m feeling desperate, like I can’t breathe most of the time.’
Really? ... ghter.html
Have you got any kids, Arnold? Because to mock someone, anyone who has lost a child seems to lack a little of humanity.
Read the Jemima Goldsmith tweet before my post. Of course he feels like that. I can't see why he would be talking to to the Mail three days later.
Remember this?
The Mail on Sunday’s Irish edition has issued an apology over a fake interview with a woman who lost five family members in the a fortnight ago. ... -interview

I'd like an apology from you.
Then stop writimg drive-by posts with no context.

Believe it or not I don't commit all of your posts to memory.
Samanfur wrote:
Mon Jul 08, 2019 7:17 pm
Is there anyone in the Derbyshire area who can say how much coverage this has had locally?
Trial has been set for Jan 6. ... ed-3174437
They look all alike to us
The Mail on Sunday has apologised and paid £180K damages to a council worker who it wrongly accused of acting as a “fixer” for cab drivers in Rochdale who were abusing young girls.

An article on May 14, 2017, published in the newspaper and on the MailOnline website, headlined “Scandal of the mini-cab predators,” caused “huge and continuing distress” to Wajed Iqbal, 44, a council licensing officer.

The Mail on Sunday story claimed Iqbal, who is British-Pakistani, cleared taxi drivers of the same background to work in Rochdale at a time when they were sexually abusing children.

Mr Bennett QC said: “The article made a grave allegation that the claimant was a ‘fixer’ for cab drivers in Rochdale who were committing crimes against young girls. The article also alleged that the claimant was given a warning by his employer, South Ribble Borough Council, for alleged deficiencies in his working practices as a licensing officer.

“These allegations were false. They have caused huge and continuing distress to Mr Iqbal. Nevertheless, Mr Iqbal is satisfied that the defendant has come to court to offer its sincere apologies to him for making the allegations complained of and to acknowledge that they were false.”

The court was told that Associated Newspapers had agreed to pay Mr Iqbal substantial damages in a case that is estimated to have cost the newspaper a further £1m in legal fees. ... g-article/
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