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Victoria police say Daily Mail provoked African ‘gang flare-up’ scuffle`

Exclusive: Media warned not to incite conflict after group of teenagers innocently socialising reacted to a tabloid photographer moving in to take closeup photos ... up-scuffle
Was just about to post that:
A scuffle described by the media last week as “the latest gang flare-up” involving African teenagers was in fact entirely provoked by the journalists who reported it, according to Victoria police.

The article, published by the Daily Mail on 3 January, was billed as an exclusive and headlined “Police SPAT ON and abused as officers arrest African teenagers outside a shopping centre in Melbourne’s west in broad daylight – in latest gang flare up”.

But according to Victoria police, there was no “gang” involved and no “flare-up” until the aggressive behaviour of the Daily Mail photographer provoked a group of teenagers who were innocently socialising at the shopping centre.
Finsbury Park attacker 'brainwashed by BBC drama and rightwing propaganda' ... ark-attack
Osborne became obsessed with the (Rotherham) scandal, the court heard, researching material on the internet from Tommy Robinson, co-founder of the English Defence League, and became increasingly vitriolic in his anti-Muslim rhetoric.

Rees told the jury: “The defendant started making racist comments about all Muslims raping children and being capable of blowing people up. It appeared to her that he was becoming brainwashed.”

Rees, for the crown, said: “Ms Andrews pleaded with the defendant to stop, telling him that all Muslims did not behave in this manner, but he was not interested in her views. With the benefit of hindsight, she describes him as a ticking time bomb.”
The Mail made it's editorial line very clear at the time - he was/is a pathetic alcoholic racist. Acting alone. Not one of us. As for Muslims, loathe and fear them, cross the street to avoid them, but for heaven's sake don't physically attack them.

Makes them look like the victims, for a start.
Mail Online Cuts 26 'Intrusive' Pictures From Elaine Lordan Article After Backlash
Exclusive: Press watchdog Ipso receives 13 complaints over the piece.
The Mail Online article included 58 separate images of Lordan, 51, which showed the star appearing to drink from a bottle of wine in the street.
Its CEO, David Taylor, defended the images. He told HuffPost in a written statement: “If anything, Backgrid encourage[s]... picture stories like this. Not for the reason of just making money out of selling pictures, but also to bring to the attention of those close to the subject a cry for help
Nearly 60 photos? Yeah right. ... k-homepage
Hacked Off founder Brian Cathcart challenges Daily Mail's role in bringing Stephen Lawrence killers to justice
Cathcart said that although the “Murderers” front page caused a sensation and “undoubtedly” raised the profile of the case, the Mail has since gone “far beyond” what is realistic in its claims and that he is therefore seeking accuracy and due proportion.

He said he began looking into the Mail’s continued claims after it declared all-out war on the Guardian in June last year in an editorial and said its campaign to bring Lawrence’s killers to justice “did more to improve race relations in this country than anything the Guardian has ever achieved”.

Cathcart yesterday challenged the Mail’s assertion that its editors could have risked jail over the front page, saying you cannot be jailed for libel in the UK, that no editor has ever been jailed for contempt and that proceedings were not even active at the time of publication.

Mail editor Paul Dacre claimed in 2012 its “momentous” campaign had been credited with overturning double jeopardy laws that stopped people from being tried for the same crime twice.

Cathcart said: “There was no campaign. I have been combing back over it.”

Cathcart also claimed the Mail “never once” called for a public inquiry into the Stephen Lawrence case, despite its assertion there would have been no Macpherson Inquiry “but for the Mail”.

He said: “It didn’t believe there was a case for a public inquiry. Not only does the Mail not call for an inquiry but it actually tries to weigh in against the kind of inquiry that was called – yet it says there would have been no inquiry but for the Mail. I found it hard to reconcile.”

Dacre also claimed in 2012 that but for the Mail, “an 18-year-old A-level student who dreamed of being an architect would have been denied justice”.

Cathcart challenged this claim, saying the convictions came about due to new forensic evidence and that he could not see a “crumb” of evidence in the prosecution case brought about by the Mail or any other newspaper.

He acknowledged Dacre may have been referring to pressure put onto the police by continued coverage, but said the investigation was simply reopened by a single detective “acting on his own initiative”.

Cathcart said: “Why is it worth challenging this? This is an important story. It’s about the death of a young man, but it’s about this country. It’s about what kind of country it is and the Mail’s intervention in it at least has to be held up to scrutiny. These kinds of claims have to be tested.”
Their victory has made my day a whole lot brighter

This was no easy feat for the cleaners, none of whom had been in a trade union before let alone been on strike. Furthermore, on receipt of the declaration of a trade dispute from UVW and notice that the cleaners would be balloted for strike action, the contract manager for Mitie stormed in to the Mail’s offices and unlawfully threatened the cleaners telling them that if they ever went on strike they would immediately be sacked.

The cleaners’ courage to not let such desperate and unlawful threats intimidate them cannot be overstated.

Winning this wage increase is all the more impressive as just last month the Mail forced through £30,000 worth of cuts to the cleaning contract, clearly showing that before the cleaners made their demands the paper had no intention at all of investing a single penny more in their salaries.

The cleaners - all of whom are migrants predominantly from Latin America and Africa - also knew that they were standing up to an organisation that is responsible for churning out all manner of hateful bile about migrants, including the pernicious lie that migrants drive down wages.

Well, now the Daily Mail writers need look no further than their own offices to see that this claim is utterly false. It’s not migrant workers who suppress wages, it’s miserly and unscrupulous employers who take advantage of unorganised workers and keep them on the breadline. Perhaps the millionaire editor of the Daily Mail Paul Dacre will reflect on this before he sits down to sign off on another anti-migrant headline in an office kept clean and tidy by the very people his publication routinely denigrates.
Gender pay gap of 19.6 per cent at Mail and Metro publisher DMG Media
DMG Media, the publisher of the Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday and Metro newspapers, has reported a mean gender pay gap of 19.6 per cent.

The company, which also publishes the Mail Online, revealed a mean bonus pay gap of 61 per cent.

Some 30.3 per cent of female employees and 25 per cent of male employees received bonuses in 2017.

The company’s report said: “DMG media is committed to equal pay and conducts ongoing reviews to ensure we have the best possible processes in place.”

DMG Media’s highest-paid employees are made up of 70.3 per cent men, which falls to 52 per cent in the bottom quartile of earners.

The publisher’s median pay gap is 15.4 per cent and median bonus gap is 26.7 per cent.

Gender pay gap of BBC? 10.7 per cent
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