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I'm no fan of Sayeeda Warsi, but she's not letting this go:
Sayeeda Warsi calls for inquiry into Islamophobia within Tory party

Sayeeda Warsi has called on the Conservatives to launch a “full independent inquiry” into Islamophobia in the party and warned the Tories were pursuing a politically damaging policy of denial about the problem in its own ranks.

The former Conservative party chair accused incumbent Brandon Lewis of a “woefully inept” response to recent complaints and added that MP Zac Goldsmith should receive “mandatory diversity training” following his unsuccessful attempt to beat Sadiq Khan to the London mayoralty.

Writing for the Guardian, Lady Warsi said: “I’ve been warning my party of its ‘Muslim problem’ for far too long,” and said that elite indifference to the issue meant the Tories were stuck with a political strategy that amounted little more than “fuck the Muslims”.
Hi Hollie, I work for MailOnline. We were wondering if we could we use your video in our website and app.
We will of course fully credit back to this video. You can find out about T&Cs here (link: Please reply to confirm. Best, - Anne
Hollie Brooks

No thanks. You’ve already used my photos without permission.
that a substantial number of the commentors on Daily Mail stories, especially those with no avatar or ID, are system responses
There are two problems with that. All avatars were deleted simultaneously some years ago and replaced by the same grey silhouette. There's no way to have anything else now. And what do they mean by ID? It's username, city, and country only, chosen by the user. Which makes me wonder if the informant's claims are true.
The avatars and IDs will have been a system migration error and/or compatibility. These things happen but have little to do with the original post. You post, your username then triggers a call to an avatar and other text info such as your location, and the whole thing is served up in one tidy wee box.

Anyway. Those comments, along with IP addresses and sundry other data will be in the server logs which may, by now, have been deleted but which are probably not beyond recovery. Distinguishing a real person from a Mail staffer is a cinch.

True, there probably isn't the will to investigate this but the stench is real, either way. Nothing can be trusted and that is a Good Thing.
that a substantial number of the commentors on Daily Mail stories, especially those with no avatar or ID, are system responses
My point is that what has been advanced as evidence isn't. There is only one class of commenters. My posts say "Dunno Mate", Sussex, England, a format shared by all posters.
You may find the story, but you certainly won't find the headline, which I'm pleasantly surprised to see on the BBC:
As the friend I got the link from said, 'two lone wolves' would stretch credibility. Not that I expect that to stop anyone.

No doubt we're going to find out that they're both really lovely lads, have all their Boy Scout badges, bring their grannies flowers every Sunday, and either fell in with the wrong crowd or were upset that a brown person might take their council house or once came before their mums in a Tesco queue.

That's how this works, right?
Gypsies and Travellers are filling up foodbanks across the UK

Gypsies and Travellers have been donating and filling up food banks across the UK as part of the #Foodbankchallange

Travellers' Times news feeds have been swamped with Travellers posting photos and videos of their shopping trolley donations and nominating friends and family on facebook to take on the #foodbankChallange

Major Marc and Major Shirley McKenzie from the Salvation Army said: "We are so grateful for the donations that we are receiving from the shopping trolley challenge from the Travelling community".
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