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By MisterMuncher
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Not getting published, but submitted anyway:
Ms. Allen should be thoroughly ashamed of herself for behaving in such a fashion. Photographers and newspaper editors have simply no choice but to capture and publish this material, and as a result, her behaviour will be seen by children across Britain. It is unacceptable this brazen woman should behave in this fashion in private.
By jamesthegill
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Becka wrote:I think she's really nice looking (in general, not just in those pics) :oops:

Still this story does help to show just out brazen these papers can be in their double sideness. They also published a picture recently with that British comedian guy from the BT ad's laying on the pavement after being knocked over, not exactly respectful is it?
Neither's what he earns for the adverts either...
By Paul
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Actor Grant wins privacy damages

Associated published four photos in The Mail on Sunday in an article headed "Hugh's that gooseberry?", and also online.

Matthew Nicklin, counsel for the agencies, said that they offered their apologies for any distress which they may have caused.

Can Ms Allen look forward to a fat cheque.
By JamesFarrier
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Obesity experts condemn Nintendo's Wii 'Fit' game after it tells 10-year-old girl she's fat ... ge_id=1770

Because no self-respecting public outlet should ever be in such an irresponsible position to label our blood and bone as overweight, slobby ...oh wait a minute...

Britain's couch potato children are now among the fattest in Europe ... ge_id=1797
By Fflaps
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Charles what planet are you on.. asked them why they are doing it.. give me a break ... MONEY thats why they do it.. they dont want to work they steal thats what they do..If they hadnt shot him then he would have shot the Guard...One less on the streets.
- Jacqui Weems, Southampton, 3/10/2008 15:45
I think we can all guess what she means by 'they'...

The lone dissenting voice, Charles of London, is of course shouted down as a loony lefty liberal for suggesting that there might be another way to deal with such a situation. Funny, I didn't see all these people defending the police when the white middle class lawyer was shot?
By Habasi
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Under any other circumstances the ubiquitous Daily Mail Reporter would be falling over him/her/itself to vilify any parent that allowed a four-year-old to wear a frock like this and then pout for the camera.

But if they need to put their moral outrage about sexualising little girls aside in order to work up some moral outrage about Disney fleecing parents and making said little girls cry, then so be it...
By ManicMiner
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Social workers sacked over 'sick' image of paedophile Gary Glitter carrying a child in a shopping bag

er, the Mail publishes the pic anyway



Any right thinking person would have simply deleted it as I did when I received mine. It was a sick joke which are not funny at all.

- S. Scully, Essex, 24/11/2008 10:01
Agreed (though its mildly amusing, come on)

Social workers have, quite rightly, had some pretty bad press over the past few weeks and just when you think people can't get any more stupid and dim-witted, you get a sickening story like this. Mindnumbingly tasteless, irresponsible and immature.

- Ben E Diction, BRIGHTON, East Sussex, 24/11/2008 09:59

Go away and die

Not what one expects from Social Workers..Maybe they have been watching too many dumbed down and tasteless BBC programmes...Ross would probably have found it amusing .

- filmex, london, 23/11/2008 16:35

This one starts out well before degenerating to cuntiness
This image is very old hat. It started doing the rounds when it was announced that Britain had to allow this horrid little man back in to the country. British people have a strange sense of humour and that has always been part of our endurance against the odds. We are able to laugh at most things. That does not mean it should be censored. Does it?
Mind you we are not allowed to speak our minds under the Nu Labour Stasi are we. Just sit back and be dumbed down. Theres a good populace. Oh and don't forget to pay all of those new taxes that have been introduced.

- David, Ringwood, 23/11/2008 18:00

If this is the sort of thing that social workers waste work time indulging in, no wonder they ae missing the danger signs of abuse of victims.

- val clifford, west midlands, 23/11/2008 18:31

why were they sacked?
was it because it was done in bad taste
or was it because it could of infringed pedo glitters Uman rights?
me thinks its the latter

- come the uprising, blackpool, 23/11/2008 18:51

This cunt hasn't a clue what he's talking about...
Maybe they should spend more time working, rather than slacking, to justify the cushy jobs & salary they have - if they worked in the real world (not a cushy government number) they wouldn't get way with what they do.

- Wheels of Justice, Scotland, 23/11/2008 19:20

Glad they were sacked. Social workers, what a joke.

- JoJo, Hackney, UK, 23/11/2008 23:30

100s more on there
By jonnyhead
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Maybe they should spend more time working, rather than slacking, to justify the cushy jobs & salary they have - if they worked in the real world (not a cushy government number) they wouldn't get way with what they do.

- Wheels of Justice, Scotland, 23/11/2008 19:20
Didn't they get sacked? Moron. You should see the stuff they get away with emailing each other in my office!

This is one of those that makes my head spin. This is the paper that led the crusade against the Brass Eye special because jokes about paedophiles crossed the lines of taste and decency, and yet a sizeable chunk of the comments are moaning that sacking people for distributing these images is PC gone mad!
What utter 'PC' nonsense. Inappropriate? maybe, funny? depends on your sense of humour, but worthy of losing your job? definitely not. First thing to go under a dictatorship is a sense of humour.
- Les, Southport, England, 23/11/2008 21:37
The email harmed nobody and was mildly amusing. The PC Brigade just have no sense of humour.
Inappropriate yes. Worthy of sacking? Only in this politcally correct country would it warrant a sacking. Happy Christmas
- Steve, Cheshire, 23/11/2008 15:23
Again this is political correctness gone mad.
- odtaa, Richmond, 24/11/2008 8:19
The main article calls it 'an appalling image' and point out that they were 'trained social workers – whose job is to protect vulnerable children', but their readers are keen to downplay it. Once again I find myself confused about what is and isn't acceptable, and what is and isn't politically-correct. The Mail seems to be outraged by the image - is the Mail now politically correct? :shock:
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