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By Bones McCoy
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Cyclist wrote:I would have thought the Mail would be celebrating the vandalising of the signs. After all, we don't need this nanny-state elf & safety nonsense.
Yeah, be more like China.
By satnav
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In an article which attempts to smear Sir John Chilcot, Andrew Pierce produces this gem
‘When Downing Street set up the inquiry into phone-hacking at newspapers it was a judicial inquiry led by a judge, Lord Justice Leveson,’ he said.
‘The Leveson inquiry had powers to compel witnesses to appear and to answer all questions put to them. Chilcot does not have that power. A judge should be running this inquiry, not a retired civil servant.’

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Pierce and the rest of the media did nothing but moan about the fact that Cameron had set up a judge led inquiry and now they are making out it is a good thing.

And what exactly has the Leveson inquiry achieved? The press is as rotten now as it has ever been.
By Andy McDandy
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Anyone remember the Hutton enquiry and report?

That was a Good Thing, right up to the point it was released and it cleared Blair, Campbell etc of everything. So it became a Bad Thing.

So once Greg Dyke had resigned, everyone decided that what it said really didn't matter as we all know what it was supposed to have said.
By Messianic Trees
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A minor entry in the annals of Mail hypocrisy, but we all know how rare an unpixelated female nipple is on Daily Mail Island:

Man exposes Instagram's double standards on nipple censorship by posting an image of a male chest - which was only removed after admins were told it was a 'woman'

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By satnav
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Pressure grows on Yentob to quit Beeb: Corporation's creative director under fire over 'hysterical' threats made for £3million grant on behalf of Kids Company

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The Mail attacks Yentob because he warned of the upheaval that would be caused by Kids Company sudden closure, this is the same paper that published loads of hysterical headlines warning of the consequences of Scottish independence and Miliband winning the general election.
By Watchman
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Setting aside the hounding of a former inmate of HMP; Not so much Mail hypocrisy, but more the readers - Oscar seems to be more deserving of sympathy than Jane
By SoulBoy
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Police spark outrage by posting stomach-churning shot of mutilated hand to promote firework safety with the slogan 'It's all fun and games til someone gets hurt'

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The thread on the Daily Mail's obsession with images of death currently fills 29 pages.
By PaulOnBooks
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Old friend Robert Fidler, he of the pastiche castle hidden by bales of straw (or, as today's Mail puts it, "straw bails") pops up with news that a warrant has been issued for his arrest after he failed to appear at a committal hearing.

Sadly, there's no new pics - a missed opportunity, given all the pieces of paper he could have been waving.
By satnav
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Kate's mum attacked over her website's 'sexualised' party Halloween frocks: Campaigner's fury as Carole sells mini-skirts, red bodices and scarlet heels for girls as young as ten

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The Mail is so appalled at the idea of young children being sexualised by inappropriate Halloween outfits that it publishes 6 pictures of young girls wearing the outfits. I'm sure Carole will be grateful for all the free publicity.
By Fozzy
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Cambridge University students take to the catwalk in BONDAGE gear as they parade acres of naked flesh in shocking fashion show
So shocking that they have been forced to show us several close-up shots of the dreadful naked flesh and give us positively drooling descriptions -
Acres of naked flesh was on display as 20 male and female students, all aged between 18 and 25, had little to cover their modesty while parading in front of around 1,000 people last night.
Pippa Bull, 20, who studies History of Art at Gonville and Caius College, was one of the many girls who posed topless. She wore sparkly pink nipple tassles under a blue jacket and tight black snakeskin trousers for a show aimed at 'celebrating the diversity of fashion'.
She later modelled a red bondage-inspired outfit, with giant tassled-shoulder pads and skimpy plaited pants.
Xelia Mendes-Jones, 19, from St Catharine's College studying Anglo-Saxon Norse and Celtic, wore an elegant long black dress, which had no back - revealing her mesh tights and pink pants when she turned round.
She also wore a mesh jumpsuit, which showed off her assets, as she paraded in front of the audience at the Cambridge Corn Exchange.
Sam Tonkin, the author of that deathless prose, no doubt had to retire to the gents holding a strategically placed copy of the Mail after writing that lot.

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By Watchman
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See them Labour types...load of Peedo's ... e-ten.html" onclick=";return false;

Now here's 14 year old Kate.................... ... llery.html" onclick=";return false;
By Andy McDandy
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Because you know why and our rebuttal unit is either incompetent or ignored.

This PIE bollocks comes around every now and again. How to deal with it, I don't know.
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