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By Safe_Timber_Man
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This is incredible.

On the same day...

Chanel comes under fire for using Cindy Crawford's 'barely dressed' daughter Kaia Gerber, 16, to star in its latest handbag campaign ... paign.html

Kaia Gerber makes a splash in a red twist-front bandeau bikini during Miami family vacation ... ation.html

By Big Arnold
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Cocaine dealer's girlfriend who earned less than £10,000 a year in Lidl gave the game away by posting photos of her 'Kim Kardashian' lifestyle as they splashed out on designer gear, fast cars and holidays to Dubai and Paris
He told how 'many young people today are fixated by a Kim Kardashian type of lifestyle
So basically, the Mail is encouraging its young female readers to start dealing in drugs. ... z5CHM1BkJi
By SoulBoy
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Do you recognize this woman? She is the face of everything from bottled water to teeth whitening kits – but she hasn't seen a CENT in royalties after being caught in a photoshoot scam ... -kits.html

The Mail getting upset about people not being paid for photographs. I'm sure they are searching high and low to present a big cheque to the 'hands over her fanny' girl from the absurd photos thread.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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Safe_Timber_Man wrote:
Mon Aug 21, 2017 2:24 pm
High-flying This Morning producer with a nut allergy who was left brain damaged after eating ONE bite of a meal re-joins her colleagues on air as they vow to help ban nuts on flights ... lergy.html


This was their thoughts on nut allergies and airplanes a year ago:

Should nut allergy sufferers be allowed to fly? Health experts and campaigners debate how risky the condition REALLY is on an aircraft ... craft.html

"I'm sick and tired of everyone having to accommodate all of these "special" people."

null, 1 year ago
A bag of peanuts with a G&T is a tradition on a flight ...if you are "allergic" take a boat instead
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Rubyjas, Bridlington East Yorkshire, 1 year ago
I can see no reason why a plane load of 300+ passengers should have to refrain from eating their choice of snack because 1 person (who should be carrying an epipen or similar) has a reaction to them.I have a problem with perfumes and deodorants and I can have and have had a very distressing asthma episode when flying so I always carry my inhaler and a spare, I dont expect everyone else on the plane to rock the au-naturel body smell just because of my problem.
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MBE, Philadelphia PA, United States, 1 year ago
My son was disabled when he was a child and many times we did not do things or go places because it was a burden for others. I'm sick and tired of everyone having to accommodate all of these "special" people. The child' needs are his/her parents problem and it is up to the parents to figure out how to accommodate their child. It is not up to the rest of society to feel sorry for you and treat you like the victim you really want to be. If that is too harsh for some people and they want to red arrow me, so be it. I lived it. Being a victim is a bad option.
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Gordon, kungsbacka, 1 year ago
So basicly we cannot eat nuts anywhere,ie cinema, street, restaurant, bus, I wonder if these nut allergy people think of other people's allergies.
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Going back a bit here but this post was about the Mail switching between being tolerant of nut allergy sufferers and telling them fuck off and stop being inconvenient, depending on the person with the allergy.

We're very much in the 'fuck off and stop being inconvenient' with this one:

Siblings with nut allergies were forced to spend seven-hour Emirates flight with blankets over their heads after staff said they should 'sit in the toilet' when cashews were served ... heads.html


Yabbadabbado, Lalaland, United Kingdom, 1 hour ago
I have a nut allergy however, I manage MY life in that respect, NOT others. My allergy was diagnosed 23 years ago and I'm still alive and kicking. Never had to use an EpiPen in all that time and more importantly, I have flown literally hundreds of times (and still do) but have never felt the necessity to make myself feel more important than the other 500 passengers.
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LokiUK, Darwen, United Kingdom, 1 hour ago
Not really sure what they expected the airline staff to do.... they are the ones with the allergy. They should make sure that they are prepared.
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Sarky, Montpellier, 1 hour ago
Why should all the other passengers be denied eating nuts because these two CHOSE to fly knowing that nuts would be served. The world must not be allowed to turn around Snowflakes.
+406 -56
Tom, London, United Kingdom, 1 hour ago
Don't get why everyone has to suffer because of others...They shouldn't travel in a tube if they have allergies! Instead, drive or take a boat.
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By Safe_Timber_Man
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Rapist movie director Roman Polanski dismisses the #MeToo movement as 'mass hysteria' and 'hypocrisy' and compares it to persecution of Christians ... crisy.html

Don’t you dare brand #MeToo as hysteria and hypocrisy, Polanski – you’re a sickening child rapist who should be behind bars, not a camera ... apist.html

Erm...? It's exactly the same attitude as the Mail and its readers have taken towards the #MeToo movement?

I mean, just a very quick search of MeToo on the Mail and the results are hardly supportive of it:

Women are going off sex because the modern man has lost that raw, masculine edge in this #MeToo world of ours...which doesn't make for much fun in the bedroom, writes SARAH VINE
Madness of this war against men: Yes, dirty old men who grope women are vile. But the hysteria over the Presidents Club reflects a growing hatred of men and betrays feminism, common sense - and the REAL victims of sexual abuse, says SARAH VINE
PLATELL'S PEOPLE: Hollywood's female stars came out in force to launch the Me Too campaign, so where is all the luvvie outrage on Oxfam?
RACHEL JOHNSON: Women's Day? I want a Royal Society for the protection of MEN
HELENA FIRTH-POWELL: These feminist puritans need a flirty Frenchman to snap them out of their self-obsession
PLATELL'S PEOPLE: Hollywood egos and the #MeToo bandwagon insult the real victims of sexual attacks
By Andy McDandy
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Proxy caring and the standard Mail attitude. They're not racist, they just don't like black people living next door.

As for Polanski, urgh. Can you separate the work from the person? As said before, we're lucky in this country that the sleb nonces were all rather naff in the first place. It's easier to bury Jim'll Fix It than Chinatown.
By Watchman
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#544579 ... amily.html

imagine if Gary Lineaker or Lilly Allen had petitioned The Prime Minister to release a "first-time" drugs dealer!

or The Mail's reaction is to stalk a member of the public... ... lfast.html
By Safe_Timber_Man
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I must say, whatever your views on shows like Jeremy Kyle, it's amazing to see the Daily Mail now trying to take the moral high ground after over a decade of promoting the show with constant articles about it and its guests.

Empire that cruelty built: Two luxury homes near Windsor Castle at £5.4m, a stable of race horses and a £2m Barbados bolthole... ALISON BOSHOFF on where Jeremy Kyle has lavished his TV millions

Twisted tricks of torture TV: From psychological manipulation to turn guests at each other's throats to giving out tissues to prompt tears... ex-producer on The Jeremy Kyle Show reveals its tawdry secrets

Now Jeremy Kyle's STAFF complain of a lack of aftercare: Crew members are left 'shaken and upset' after being 'hung out to dry' when show was axed following death of guest

Father of missing schoolgirl claims Jeremy Kyle Show 'ruined' his life after his cross-dressing was exposed and his wife admitted she didn't love him anymore - instead of focusing on the appeal to find their daughter

Not once in the last 14 years the show has been running have I seen the Daily Mail make any real attempt to raise the morality issues over the show. They absolutely lapped it up and used it as side bar fodder and mocking the guests on almost a weekly basis. Now they suddenly want to try and talk about morality? Fuck right off.
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