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By Bones McCoy
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Vigsø, Nordjylland, Denmark: The battery at Vigsø was built to protect the gun positions in Hanstholm. The artillery at Hanstholm featured four huge 38cm (15in) guns similar to the ones fitted to Bismarck-class battleships. They could fire a 495kg (0.5-tonne) projectile 55km (34 miles), or a 800kg (0.8-tonne) shell 42km (26 miles) at a rate of one every 90 minutes
It goes on: Likely rate of fire is one per 90 seconds, unless they have a clockwork shell hoist.

Note how the 15" gun shells form this caption are lighter than the 6" gun shells from my previous post.
Remember when your schoolteachers used to say "Don't just copy stuff from the textbook".
By SoulBoy
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It's a metaphor for THAT?!' Canadian singer Bryan Adams squirms when it's implied his hit song 'Summer of 69' is about oral sex during VERY awkward interview on New Zealand talk show ... nd-TV.html

Who's Adam?
Placing his glass of water down on the table, Adam confessed: 'It's not about the year... It's a metaphor. I never said 1969
Cheekily grinning, Adam said after a short silence: 'It's a metaphor for a great summer.'
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