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By Citizen Cain
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On the first story, they got the image from SITE intelligence, who, IIRC, are one of these dodgy "open source" private intelligence outfits who spend all day surfing the internet, reading messages from the Keyboard Kommandos of the Middle East ("i SlAy iNfIdElS bY WrItInG mY pSyChOtIc fAnTaSiEs aBoUt tHeM oN tHE iNtErNet").

Which is kind of on the level of taking anything said by people in the comments section of the Mail about leaving the country as being serious.
By Paul
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Personal data of a million bank customers found on computer sold on eBay for £35 ... l#comments

They call for the heads of senior managers.

Warning for Daily Mail staff after laptop theft ... rs.privacy

So we can expect Dacre to fall on his sword then?
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