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By Big Arnold
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Furious parents slam primary school for inviting DRAG QUEEN who calls herself 'Bristol's Resident S**g' and a troupe of cross-dressers to read stories about tolerance to the children
Furious parents have slammed a primary school for inviting a drag queen who calls herself 'Brisol's Resident S***' to read stories to children.
One mother claims one of the drag queens calls herself 'Bristol's Resident Slag' ... z57xvZJQXq
By Big Arnold
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A real-life Miss Marple mystery: Trial of the 'respectable spinster' and the 'scandalous mother' transfixed Britain in the 1900s... so which one wrote the obscene letters that rocked a seaside town?
According to police, she was the author of numerous poison-pen letters sent in the town over the preceding year — letters littered with obscenities unprintable in a family newspaper even today.
Image ... -book.html
By Big Arnold
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On Tuesday it was also claimed the troubled star had left Big Brother star Simon Gross 'traumatised' after allegedly calling him a 'n***e during a telephone call
Five letters. Starts with 'n and ends with e. Pass
He said: 'Danniella called me a f***ing n***e and said I was sad and desperate. It left me so upset and it's completely knocked my confidence.'
Still no idea. Got the first word though.
To call me a nonce is disgraceful. I'm certainly not one!

Ah! ... z5CITpnfvC
By Messianic Trees
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Not sure if this has been noted already:

Daily Mail fires reporter who inadvertently published obscenity
Daily Mail Australia has fired a reporter who accidentally uploaded her own “musings” about reality television contestants being “vapid cunts” on to the news website on Sunday, where it sat for several hours before editors intervened.
By Big Arnold
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Daily Mail reporters are expected to produce copy faster than is usual in other newsrooms.The reporter had filed no fewer than five stories on Sunday and four on Monday, which is a normal workload for a Daily Mail journalist.

Yebbut they use templates.
[Insert name here] goes TOPLESS as she relaxes in[Insert color here] bikini bottoms by the pool during [Place name] holiday
The [age] -year-old model kept her mind off the gossip as she lay in full repose revealing her scintillating physique in nothing but a skimpy [repeat headline color] bikini bottom.
By Big Arnold
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Henry Peters, a retired Post Office and shop owner from Lincolnshire, lost most of his life savings after being called out of the blue in March by a trickster claiming to be from Scotland Yard.
Henry, who has two sons in their 40s and whose name Money Mail has changed to protect his identity,
A spokesman for Santander says: 'When Mr Peters contacted Santander after purchasing the first watch, the limited information he provided did not raise suspicion with our call handlers.

'But on review, we consider that the call could have been handled better. Taking account of this, we have decided to reimburse Mr Johnson for the second payment as a gesture of goodwill.' ... rooks.html
By Big Arnold
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Showing off his new tattoo of an assault rifle, this £200k-a-week England star sums up all what's wrong with football: GUY ADAMS asks why on earth the FA and Gary Lineker are PRAISING Raheem Sterling

All of which gives more ammunition to those who regard Sterling as an embodiment of his generation of footballers, who have singularly failed to live up to the responsibilities that ought to come with the power, wealth and status their glamorous career affords. ... rling.html
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