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By Boiler
Worse than that - it's a GEC... :lol:

Looks about 1950/1 - certainly not 1930s. The radiogram looks in period, but why you'd want an extension loudspeaker above it I know not.
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By Big Arnold
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Tricky quiz tests your knowledge on everything from grammar to biology... so do YOU have what it takes to score full marks?

The article gives the correct answer as "pronoun". ... ology.html
By Snowflake
Abraham Lincoln's Christmas letter allowing his wife's Confederate cousins to return to their cotton plantation after it was taken over during Civil War, sells for $60,000.

Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation in September 1962, declaring all slaves free as of January 1 the following year. ... s-60K.html
By Big Arnold
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Drone detection systems may be deployed at all UK airports after machines cause three days of Gatwick flight chaos, grounding 1,000 planes and affecting 140,000 passengers

Security minister Ben Wallace may be deployed across the UK to combat drones
Worth a try I suppose. ... ports.html
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