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By Raskolnikov
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#50067 ... rning.html

Barnsley FC's 15 year old player. Scroll down for :
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Good to see Latin back in vogue.
By Daley Mayle
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A not particularly epic but a snigger-inducing failure nonetheless...

Click on the 'Brown gambles on £1.9 TRILLION bank bail-out to guarantee ALL our savings' link

On here...

...and get this ... trike.html
By ManicMiner
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Sneak peek: First glimpse of new Star Trek cast as they prepare to boldly go back in time for a prequel

Nearly 40 years after we said goodbye to Captain James T Kirk and his comrades, the cult sci-fi series Star Trek is returning.
The Mail has never heard of the ST movies? Kirk's last appearance was only about 14 years ago wasn't it?
By sven945
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ManicMiner wrote:The Mail has never heard of the ST movies? Kirk's last appearance was only about 14 years ago wasn't it?
I was going to say that it was nowhere near that long ago, but you're right. Star Trek Generations was out in 1994. I remember watching it on the plane to Australia years ago.


Is he going to get his finger out and slice open Kirk's head there?
By ManicMiner
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"Comments is null" is back


How can comments "is null" be valid? Unless "Comments" is a bit counter of the number of comments submitted for each article and someone has just disallowed comments and set this attribute to NULL. But if that's the case, how come its saying there are 107 comments? Unless that figure has come from a count(*) select SQL statement in the comments table

Very strange.
By bairy
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I think that prompt is probably an ajax response, a malformed query or another misc database error.

The Comments (x)" count sometimes differs from the actual displayed, so I would guess it's cached in the article id thread and doesn't necessarily equal the number of actually deleted comments. It'd be awfully stupid to use a COUNT(*) on the comments table.

The difference could come from not updating that cache when a comment is deleted or unapproved, and the null error could come from the testing not being thorough enough.
By ManicMiner
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ha ha! I've done my bit. Current results '73% better off' now.


Quality feedback:

All those who say they'll leave the country - I bet you said the same thing in 1997.

Please actually go this time.

- Rob Jessel, London, 25/11/2008 09:32

As usual it will be the married couple, both working with grown up kids who will be hit the hardest, they are the backbone of the taxpaying, long suffering British public. Also the ones most fed up with this Government,however, they will also be the ones who will vote in droves at the first possible opportunity, and it will not be for this shower.
By the time Brown has pinched our pensions, devalued our homes and investments for retirement, there will be a whole country of people on lower incomes, anyone with a high income will have seen sense and left the country! Good luck to them too! High achievers are not valued here - just taxed.

- Helene, Bristol, 25/11/2008 0:20
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