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By Habasi
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Sneak peek: Is Hermione's jealously behind her violent outburst at Harry Potter?

Rather entertainingly opens with the line:
Hermione Norris has been used to having the full undivided attention of her male friends Harry Potter and Ron Weasley.
Hermione Norris?? Nooot quite....

Note also the silly spelling mistake in the headline.
By Daley Mayle
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Ahhh... the microwave. When these were first introduced the Daily Mail went into full 'Arrrgghhh.... necromancy' mode. I seem to remember fears of 'killer radiation' escaping through leaky seals. Many deaths were forecast and men being sterilised by standing too near the machine. As any fule kno this last claim was utter bollocks 'cos no real man would be in the kitchen in the first place.
By jonnyhead
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Jeremy wrote:
Also, the headline continues "Britains oldest microwave still going strong after 40 years - and 150,000 meals".

I make 150,000 meals in 40 years a little over 10 meals a day.

Top journalism all round. They've clearly just multipled 40 x 365 and got 14,600, rounded it up to 15,000, and then somehow acquired an extra 0, a mistake they make both in the headline and article itself.

I make that three errors in the title alone:
1) they have no idea whether it's 'Britain's oldest microwave'
2) it's not 40 years old
3) he almost certainly hasn't cooked 150,000 meals in it

I'm guessing whoever wrote this rushed it last thing on Friday so they could fuck off home. Amazing that you can actually get 600-odd words of journalism out of a bloke that reckons he's got an old microwave.
By bairy
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This isn't a major fail, it's pretty routine for the Mail, but it is amusing.

Friend of mine edits wiki pages of recently died celebs to catch out lazy journos (I don't approve of vandalising wiki, I do approve of catching out journos)

The Mail dutifully copied wiki obviously without verifying if it was actually true or not:

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