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By sven945
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ACG wrote:Britains oldest microwave still going strong after 40 years

or, "Mail gets completely conned by elderly man", as several people in the comments point out, its quite clearly a model from the early 80's, which, unless i'm a lot older than i thought, wasn't 40 years ago.
My mum's got one of those in Yorkshire! It's a fantastic old thing. Far better than the new one we've got here.
By bairy
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My mate got them again.

The story is EastEnders star Samantha Janus to marry long-term love. I won't link it cos they'll correct it. And I can't be arsed to screenshot it.
Womack proposed to Janus - who was previously married to Italian Junfan Mantovani - at a Paris flea market.
The Sun also did it
Sam, 36, who was married to Italian Junfan Mantovani, revealed Mark had first popped the question soon after they met.
She was actually married to Mauro Mantovani.

So there you go. If you want to get into the Mail, edit Wiki.
By Daley Mayle
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This could have gone into the Non-Story thread

India to launch world's cheapest laptop... for £7.25 ... -7-25.html

The final paragraph reveals:
There has also been some speculation that an early speech about the new laptop had been mistranslated, effectively slashing the actual cost of £70 to £7.
No speculation, it was a mistranslation of $100 to $10.

The thing is, to produce a laptop for £70 is in itself a remarkable and newsworthy achievement.
By bairy
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I have a very epic mail fail. Very very epic.

Here's the info thread: ... Daily_Mail (safe for work)

Now if you don't know what Goatse is then you haven't been on the net long enough: it's a shock image of a man his rear end rather wide, like could have a baby out of it wide, yes it's really quite gross.

So as you can see by the thread, the Mail hotlinked an image directly from b3ta, again and I would imagine didn't give credit since they don't normally.

So the guy goatse'd them. It's gone now obviously, but there's a video in .3gp format which I think you need a decent video player (i.e. not windows media player) as proof, and he really honestly did goatse the Mail.


Fucking 'ave that you thieving shitbags :D

For the curious, this is what the image was supposed to be, that the Mail linked to: (also SFW, but don't scroll down)
By Fozzy
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They seem to have given up totally on the entire comments function at the moment. Perhaps its collapsed under the weight of the rubbish they have to deal with. Or it could be a disgraceful left-wing fascist nuliebore stasi plot to prevent Big Dave, Jackie Weems and others from promulgating their moderate views.
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