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I remember the Charlie on Charlie story. My then girlfriend was a London based alcoholic ex-model which for a shy boy from the country worked well as she was both super glam and, in drink, generous with her favours!

Happily she sorted herself out in the end and is living a contented middle age.
Shelter from Hitler's storm: How 180,000 Londoners survived the Blitz by IGNORING government advice not to seek sanctuary in Tube stations ... dvice.html

This Mailite would 'happily' go back to live during World War 2 because of something about smartphones and overweight people:

piroska65, Here, Ireland, 59 minutes ago
Wonderful photos showing the strength, kindness and courage of Londoners back then. No-one overweight, no-one on a phone....all look quite comfortable and cheerful even in those very dark and trying times! So, do we need another war to put our country right? Methinks if this were to happen now, some people would be happily walking all over others faces to get the best spot, the most food.....etc! I'd happily go back to those times!
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And of course, the classic Mailite dog whistle:
acrazydaisy, The Wild S West, United Kingdom, 24 minutes ago
These photos perfectly capture the difference of people then and now.
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Stumbled across these photos of British seaside resorts in the 1980s and thought it'd burst the bubble of Mailite nostalgia about their childhoods.
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