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By oboogie
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glasgowgril wrote:Well, we all know that in Mailland you are only disabled if you are either a wheelchair user or over 65. There is no other way of being disabled. End of. If you are a wheelchair user or over 65, you deserve unlimited benefits and concessions. If not, you deserve nothing and are a malingerer.
Wot abot are troupes?!!?
Marksman, 15, tipped as Olympic hopeful airlifted to hospital after accidentally shooting himself in the head while hunting rabbits ... z25oh8R5SG" onclick=";return false;
Now he knows what it feels like! Leave them alone!
- Hugh Jampton , London England, United Kingdom, 07/9/2012 19:58
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Probably not up to Olympic standards then?
- 😳 , somewhere over the rainbow, 07/9/2012 19:40
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Although I will admit that the same thought passed through my mind.
Missing motorcyclist discovered seriously hurt in a ditch THREE DAYS after crash ... z26pQ28Mr6" onclick=";return false;
Death machines.
- peter, brighton, United Kingdom, 18/9/2012 12:47
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It's a real shame they found him. These road warriors think they are indestructible as they hoon round everywhere.
- Kelly, Shrewsbury, 18/9/2012 13:41
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- Ubique, POOLE, 18/9/2012 13:42
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By ezinra
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Too FAT to fly: Sick American woman dies in Hungary after 'airline kicks her off three New York flights because she was too obese'

All the information is in the story for the reader that cares to concentrate: she'd gained weight because of illness and disability, and she was holidaying in the land where she was born — a trip she took every year. But most readers have just looked at the headline and the numerous undignifying photos:
Why should the airline be sued? If you're too big to get on the plane, then you can't fly. The airline shouldn't be held up for one passenger. If you're not on board, then tough, you can't fly. Airlines have schedules to stick to an connections to meet, and it's not fair on all the other passengers to be held up. It's sad, but the airline is not at fault here.

- Lily, England, United Kingdom, 26/11/2012 14:01 Rating 4181
Obesity is a slow, painful and humiliating method of suicide.

- Pip, Brighton, 26/11/2012 14:54 Rating 1406
I don't think she gained weight because of her illness; her illness were caused by her weight. She was morbiditly obese and only has herself to blame.

- Gothmog, Alverstoke, England, 26/11/2012 17:39 Rating 281
oh it`d be lovely to sit next to her on a flight

- Steffanie, Mitcham, 26/11/2012 15:48 Rating 155
Ironic that she died in HUNG(A)RY.

- balloonguy, Chicago, United States, 26/11/2012 14:00 Rating 140
I find this all very sad. I'm sure there will be all sorts of nasty comments to come.

- Winnie, Holmdel New Jersey, United States, 26/11/2012 13:58 Rating 567
By Big Rob
Kind of the inverse of the normal mail readers compassion.

Former Northern Rock treasurer, 56, who 'fell into depression after bank collapsed' is found dead at his home

Looks very sad doesn't it.
'He felt terrible about customers and shareholders losing their money.'
He stepped down as a board director in November 2007 and took early retirement in January 2008 - after pocketing a reported £2.5million in bonus pay-outs.
Well not terrible enough to refuse his payout..... Never mind all the poor people who lost everything he still got his bit.

If he killed himself because he was racked with guilt and shame then perhaps there were better ways of dealing with this.

I am not that hard hearted though.

It is a sad story, just like all of the sad stories that came out of the financial collapse....
By Silkyman
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#276569 ... z2EGGr62ru" onclick=";return false;

A tragic story of a woman who's disability caused her to kill herself.

So here's a pic of her in a gas mask, for no reason.
By ezinra
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Schoolboy, 14, found hanged 'in fainting game' was about to become a father

This is COMPLETELY untrue story about him playing a fainting game !!! He was a very troubled lad , under tremendous pressure from his whole family about him becoming a father so young , he was enstranged from his motherand youngerbrithers , had just been given some devastating news that he couldnt deal with and was confused and depressed about his life, he sadly committed suicide, this was not a game..THATS THE REAL STORY BEHIND THIS TRAGIC DEATH . May he RIP

- Lili, London, United Kingdom, 7/12/2012 14:45 Rating 42

And yet:
about to be a dad at 14. not the most sensible chap was he r.i.p

- MarkC, Northamptonshireburger, United Kingdom, 7/12/2012 13:46 Rating 100
Father at 14!! Broken Britain.

- FROM ANCHORSHOLME, ANCHORSHOLME, 7/12/2012 16:48 Rating 692
By Fozzy
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On the story about one of the Australian DJs being close to a breakdown -
Close to breakdown? Hurry up and do it then!
- The Big Figure, Somewhere, United Kingdom, 9/12/2012 8:34
That's a comment that's come through moderation. If this story ends up with three suicides instead of one, the Mail and Mailites will be in seventh heaven. And they will never for a moment admit that they might bear any responsibility.
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