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Party girl Eugenie lights up the West End with her glowstick necklace

Princess Eugenie lit up the night as she partied at a West End night club with a glow in the dark stick.

The 18-year-old Royal, who has been a regular fixture on the London night club scene in recent weeks, showed off her eye-catching accessory as she left the Whiskey Mist club in Mayfair.

Her night out comes just days after she was photographed cosying up to wealthy heir Sam Sangster at the Mahiki club.


Someone gets paid wrwiting this crap?
By ManicMiner
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erm, is this a story?

In an utterly shameless, overindulgent article, Esther Rantzen admits she's Mutton dressed as Lamb
I weigh about the same as I did at 30. I pride myself that I have the spring, bounce and youthful energy of a lamb. Maybe not newborn, but a mature lamb with rounded limbs and well-formed features.

OK, but Why? Did she get paid to write this drivel?



What to do? I have worn a close-fitting black Joseph jacket for at least 15 years, and it never goes out of fashion. Getting rid of it would be like throwing away a loyal friend. I can't do it. But I must, it seems.
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