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By davidjay
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Kreuzberger wrote:
Arnold wrote:
Aryan automatic! Detergent giant caught up in Nazi row after Ariel boxes feature secret far-right code in Germany ... z31JQCbcAm" onclick=";return false;
I'm sure it gets your whites right ...
But we know whose fault it is really.

from the sublime to the ridicules! The sooner were out of this loony house they call the EU the better. VOTE UKIP, bring sanity and common sense back. Should we ban the company products because it flourished from it's military contracts, albeit an 153 year old conflict, the US Civil War.
By Big Arnold
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'Hitler' cat blinded in brutal attack and left for dead in city dustbin because it looked like the Nazi dictator ... z32SARLv8l" onclick=";return false;
By Danson's Forehead
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Red chalk self portrait of Leonardo da Vinci said to have mystical powers and hidden from Hitler during World War II goes on rare public display

Read more: ... z3HiLV13EP" onclick=";return false;

I'm having difficulty imagining what Hitler might have looked like if he was a bit peeved about not being able to get hold of this self-portrait.


Ah, thanks DM!
By Fflaps
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Signed by A. Hitler: 100-year-old watercolour painted by Nazi dictator when he was a struggling artist to fetch £40,000 at auction

It's been a while since we've had a sighting of Adolf so it's lucky there's a photo of him in the article so we can all remind ourselves what he looked like. Plus bonus pic of Young Adolf! The moustache hadn't quite bedded in yet.
By Timbo
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Giggling over genocide: They flirted with the SS, wore pink underwear and even had a hair salon - the female death camp guards as evil as the men ... l-men.html" onclick=";return false;

Now, I'm not a conspiracy theorist or anything, but I am 100% certain that is David Cameron in a wig sitting on the left:

By youngian
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I was about to :lol: and then just froze. Cameron fondly remembers Nanny Schmidt from Paraguay.

And a very tasteless take on what might be a serious piece of work
What sort of women were capable of committing such terrible atrocities against other women?
The usual answer is to portray women guards as more like surrogate men.
In reality, they were far from lacking in femininity. Many were blonde and beautiful, and, in their mouse-grey jackets, culotte-style skirts, caps and leather boots, they were the envy of other girls in the nearby town of Furstenberg.
Gitta Sereny specialised in works exploring the nature of evil, Nazi mass murderer biographies it seems are OK but I recall she was run out of town for her wicked decision to explore child murderer Mary Bell.
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By ezinra
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I look forward to a companion piece in which the Mail reveals that when some male Nazi camp commanders got home after a long day's extermination, they took off their jackboots and put on a pair of SLIPPERS!!!

The Mail has misspelt its own journalist's name on the byline: this is the work of SaraH Helm, who is married to Jonathan Powell, ex-aide to St Tony.
By The Red Arrow
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The mists are clearing...I see an image of a man with a toothbrush under his nose...and the word 'hunker'. No! Bunker! It's definitly 'bunker'...I see a foul-mouthed man with a comb-over and problems pronouncing the word 'data'. His hand is down the front of his own trousers. I hear a noise....'Fap! Fap! Fap!' the mists are gathering...
By Bones McCoy
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Silkyman wrote:
her pet, who also has dark fun on the top of his head
When typos get sinister!

What sort of dark fun could be be having?
The kind of fun available only to the semi neutered.
By Messianic Trees
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Read history as it happened: Extraordinary Daily Mail pages from the day Adolf Hitler died 70 years ago this week

Read more: ... z3Yz7JcXiS" onclick=";return false;
Lindsey Mitchell, Barnsley, United Kingdom
Wonder which newspaper proprietor thought he was marvellous DM?
By hel
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london1aa, London, United Kingdom, about 16 hours ago
In what way is this "extraordinary"? It was a good piece of journalism written in grammatically correct English. Anybody spot the difference between then and now?
MBAAA, Essex, United Kingdom, 1 day ago
And not one mention of Kim Kardashian or a royal baby!

katarina, santasussana, 21 hours ago
THAT was the best news of all.

cp, Kent Europe, United Kingdom, 20 hours ago
DO you think the DM will re publish the editorial from 15th January 1934 .....?????

.......or how much his house is worth......or any wardrobe malfunctions.......or side boobs.....come DM sort it out.

Retired Old Guy, near Glasgow, United Kingdom, 19 hours ago
That was the days before DM sold the paper to the Kardashians.
warrenda, norwich, United Kingdom, 23 hours ago
You had real stories then!!
aeshna, manchester, United Kingdom, about 15 hours ago
Nowadays you'd run the headline 'Is Hitler dead?'. Followed by and article telling us the price of his bunker.
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