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By Bones McCoy
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youngian wrote::shock:
More human than I've ever seen Merkel
Cheeky chappy Adolf you can have a pint and a laugh with him.
You can take him for a drink, but there'll be a lot of putsching and shoving at the bar.
By Big Arnold
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Chinese tourists are arrested after taking photos of each other making the Hitler salute outside the Reichstag in Berlin

JYD, Portsmouth, United Kingdom, about 2 hours ago
I'm so glad you published all those historical references to Hitler and why he was considered to be a bad person, I had forgotten.," onclick=";return false;: ... z4ozAN9We9" onclick=";return false;
By SoulBoy
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Outstanding picture caption.

The Chinese tourists were arrested after pulling the straight-arm Nazi salute, seen here done by Adolf Hitler (right)
By Safe_Timber_Man
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The Cult of Hitler: Astonishing archive of pictures is unearthed showing the Nazi leader's Third Reich rise to power collected by secret fan of the Fuhrer ... power.html

The moderators have clamped down on Mailite comments outright supporting Hilter on this one. Still some pretty batshit comments, though:
englishgirl, Darwen, United Kingdom, 13 minutes ago
I reckon Tommy Robinson could. He talks real sense he just needs to apply himself better in front of the camera...he needs to work on his oratory skills.
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Gary, Marbella, United Kingdom, 36 minutes ago
You could draw comparisons with the early rise of Corbyn.
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SIMON_SAYS, London, United Kingdom, 29 minutes ago
This is the FUTURE of the E.U. if Germany has its way. . . Thank goodness we're Leaving!
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worldweary, Heavens Gate, United Kingdom, 24 minutes ago
Fascinating collection. He had a popularity that Merkel could only ever dream of.
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Brian Sherwood, Almeria, Spain, 15 minutes ago
He would certainly deal with ISIS that's for sure- not like the chocolate pencils we have running things today.
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Maj General Mustard, Ex B Battery Ist Regt RHA, United Kingdom, 5 minutes ago
Merkel decided it was easier to allow e a s t Europeans to i n v a d e us this time.

That SIMON_SAYS guys. Absolutely fucking bonkers. Seen him a few times.

Injured toddlers scream and cry in fear in Damascus
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Putney Bridge jogger shoves woman into path of a bus
Funny how there's never any mention of a perpetrator's SK.I N CO.LO UR when they are NON-whi.te. . .
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Putney Bridge jogger shoves woman into path of a bus
The BEHAVIOUR of a TYPICAL REMAINER, still ANGRY over the Referendum Result, trying to LET OFF STEAM.
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Spain says it won't use Brexit to try to reclaim Gibraltar
OF COURSE - because he UNDERSTANDS that the E.U. is DESPERATE for the U.K. to give them a good Trade Deal. He UNDERSTANDS that Monsieur Barnier is WASTING TIME - and the CLOCK IS TICKING! Come on, E.U. - your ECONOMY is at stake: you NEED your TREASURE ISLAND to give you a good Deal. Tick-Tock-Tick-Tock. . . . Thank goodness we're Leaving!
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Brexit: UK visitors to the EU could face health questions
AND YET Merkel's 'children' are WAVED THROUGH in their THOUSANDS, UNCHECKED, possibly carrying E.BOLA, AI.DS. . .
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By SoulBoy
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More from the Rothermere Private Collection, a veritable love letter to their favourite dictator.

Nazi top brass are seen joking, laughing and receiving flowers while inspecting troops as new book shows how the SS leaders spent their days during World War II ... brass.html" onclick=";return false;
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