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By Silkyman
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Big Arnold wrote:
Tue Aug 14, 2018 1:44 pm
youngian wrote:
Tue Aug 14, 2018 12:03 pm

Probably not true but quite funny
Martin Mucklowe, Swindon, United Kingdom, 2 minutes ago
I left a broken fridge freezer out for the scrapman .. a week later it was still there, so I put a sign on it saying .. 'Fridge Freezer for sale, good working order £25' it got stolen overnight!
It's an old joke.
Dunno mate, Sussex, United Kingdom, 6 hours ago

They're going about it wrong. Label the unwanted stuff "£5 each", and someone will steal them.
By Big Arnold
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The guilt of being a Bank of Mum & Dad who can’t pay out: Divorced mother reveals why she envies parents who can afford to help their children financially

Sad but true: none of my four children will be able to buy a place of their own in London.

When I mentioned this to one of my colleagues the other day, she looked aghast: ‘But can’t you help?’ I almost choked on my coffee.
By davidjay
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Help, my £1m property is a Stamp Duty prison! ... mmond.html
As the Mail reported on Saturday, high stamp duty charges on homes such as mine — it's a normal detached family house but in a ridiculously pricey area (Datchet village, just a mile from Windsor) — are making it very difficult to sell and move on, whether you're a would-be downsizer like me or you want to get a bigger family home or even to move to a new area, perhaps for a new job.

At £945,000 — the perfectly realistic agreed price on my five-bedroom house plus annexe — stamp duty land tax adds £38,250 to the buyers' costs. That's an enormous amount for any normal family to find, and it means more people are deciding to stay put.
By davidjay
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Millionaire, 66, loses his fight to save Britain's most luxurious 'mancave' ... l#comments

Zero tolerance*. Uphold the law*. The trouble with this country is that everyone thinks they can do what they like*.
By Big Arnold
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[It was worth every penny!': How frugal saver gave up new clothes, gym membership and takeaway coffee... to bank £30,000 for London flat deposit

The 29-year-old ditched expensive cars,
Sorry we are not currently accepting comments on this article. ... -flat.html
Miss Bagalexis decided she needed drastic measures to be able to reach £30,000 in savings needed for a deposit.

She said: 'So, I moved in with my mum to enable me to do some intense saving – I had an agreement with her that I paid just a nominal amount towards my keep and I put the rest away towards my deposit.'
Oh, that old option that's available to everyone. The rent free house within walking distance of work.
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By Big Arnold
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The best BAR none! Meet the very glamorous women who need venture no further than the next room for their martinis after installing bespoke cocktail counters in their own home

Demand for home bars has risen by ten per cent each year for the last five years
Alice Smellie meets the women who can venture to the next room for a martini
Home bars can cost up to £100,000, or as little as £300, so why did they do it? ... ke-up.html
By Kreuzberger
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Per-leeze. I remember being about eight and being mortally embarrassed by rising-C2 rellies who thought that they were the bees knees with their chipboard monstrosities in the corner, sporting bottles of Dubonet and Libby's Free Milk.
By MisterMuncher
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The only time I've ever seen one I liked was at a friend's father's house, but said house was a pharmacy years before, and they'd retained the old shop room, and packed it mostly with home-made booze.

That had character.
By youngian
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I'm sure they used to run those articles in the 1970s about slack parents letting their kids stay up to watch Kojak and Hammer Films to the wee small hours.

Does anyone know why kids need more sleep than adults?
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