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By mattomac
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Fflaps wrote:
mattomac wrote:
Fflaps wrote:Confession time, I earn over £40k a year (ooh, get me!) and I am very happy to pay the amount of tax I do, because I believe in a fair and equitable society, and because I spent long enough on the dole that I took plenty from the taxpayer and really appreciate now that this is a lot to be earning. Also I am able to save loads cos my spending habits haven't changed much from when I was on £18K. I am bloody lucky tbh and I can well imagine how annoyed a Mail reader on say £20K would be, reading idiots whinging about how much they're paying.
Nah good luck to you....I'm not against people earning a decent wage, I'm against these people moaning how little they have, whilst usually at the same time moaning how much us Unemployed are getting (which is fuck all)
Totally agree with you, I've been in both situations and I can tell you I'd much rather be working and paying 40% tax than having to live off the paltry amount you get on benefits. Anyone who says £40K (or even £30K) a year isn't much seriously needs to get some perspective.
As I mentioned above it's all impertative to your current state of living, I'd be pretty comfortable on a wage of about 20k depending of course on where I was living. Anyhow off to sort out a Rail Warrant for my impending Journey to Shottingham on Thursday.
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steve is my hero
At no point has Kate Winslett extressed shame at being middle class, This is Stephen Glover's invention and seems the crux of his own article.
He misses the obvious contradiction in Mrs Thatcher's home owners being permitted to self identify, but Kate Winslett cannot.

Other contributors have commented on the lack of a consistent definition of these classes. It's no longer easy to determine social class ata glance.
I'm more interested in the "class" with which a person conducts themself.
For example a World renowned actress, or a third rate columnist.

- Steve Holmes, Glasgow, Scotland, 30/4/2009 11:17
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paul needs to go take his meds.
If this is what Kate thinks then sadly NuLabour's Marxist experiment has worked.

- Paul J H, Liverpool, 30/4/2009 9:14
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By Arise_Sir_Littlejohn
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I grew up in the same area as Winslet did (though many years after her). There's no way anyone could argue the area is anything but working class, and many people will consider their class to be the same as their parents. I can't quite work out what the purpose of the article is, other than to sneer at someone who dares to say that they aren't middle class when the Mail thinks they are. Luckily the comments show some sense, and I especially like this one...
I went to the same primary school as Kate (although a number of years apart). It was a good local school, but the catchment area was certainly a predominately working class estate. i think the author has done very little research.
- Sarah, Reading Berkshire, 30/4/2009 9:13
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Wow, what's it like up there Mr Glover? Your article conveys more about the chips on your shoulders, than Kate Winslet's shortcomings. What a patronising load of old rubbish!

- Sue G, Perth, WA, 30/4/2009 8:11
Gooooo on! Start sending in some comments to Littlejohn, Sue. You could make a name for yourself. :)
By somewhat_nifty
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Swine flu reaches the middle classes: ... chool.html

Obviously warrants a photo and interview with slightly ill 12 year old:
I just felt like I had a cough and was under the weather. When I found out it was swine flu I was worried but really it just felt like a normal cold.
Oh yes, and that school is my boyfriend's old school and not a public school by any stretch of the imagination (it's mixed for a start), but I suppose it sounds more 'shocking'.
By ManicMiner
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and it took 3 of 'em to report it!

edit, this made me lol
Alleyn's, whose alumni include CS Forester, Jude Law and Pixie Geldof was the fourth school to close after its pupils became ill.

All of a sudden, Pixie Geldof is relevent

Typical crap comments:
And while we are talking about swine flu we are not talking about the madmen in 'government'

- James March, Tauranga NZ, 05/5/2009 11:10

Governments, and officials in general, like to give the impression they're "doing something".

The fact that it wastes huge amounts of taxpayers' money and is totally ineffective, is immaterial to them.

- Sadie, UK, 05/5/2009 11:00
By dog_on_a_log
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Middle-class children have better genes, says former schools chief ... pt-it.html

OK so there is a lot to be said for recognising the educational needs of individual pupils and the desperation to get everyone to go to university - whether it is the best option for their skills or not - has probably led to a lot of people emerging with degrees of limited value as well as a catastrophic degradation of other forms of training which Britain was once really good at, like apprenticeships.

So, having considered that, and writing off as bollocks the whole 'this is a middle class thing' the top-of-the-pops Mailite response is:

What a sensible chap.

People are not equal and never can be. (It is only some MP's that are more equal than others !)

- Alastair, Swindon, 12/5/2009 9:51
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:evil: :
By bluebellnutter
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Teachers are middle class? Don't make me laugh. Maybe 40 years ago, but today in modern Britain they are all ineffectual working class oiks.

- Charles, Uk, 12/5/2009 10:01
Go stick your head in a blender you utter, utter moron. You and the net 86 other supporters.

I thought you'd added "just accept it" on the end of the URL as a joke, but no, actually it is part of the headline
By tc-obo
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Surely "middle-class children tend to do better" would imply that a sociological explanation would be at least as possible, rather than an odd psuedo-eugenicist view that some are born thick, some achieve thickness and some have thickness thrust upon them (but most of the bastards are born that way)?
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