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Can a £12.95 cream really banish your bingo wings?

After six weeks...
While not completely banished, my bingo wings are definitely on their way out. I end my six-week experiment by measuring my arms again. I can't believe it. They are 32cm! The skin texture has improved, too.
I stand in front of the mirror in just my underwear and flex my arms. They are definitely far less wobbly. I try a wave. Almost no movement.
I have no idea how long the firmness will last, and there is no guidance about that on tube. I suspect the instant I stop, the wobble will return.
But now I'm in possession of Michelle Obama-esque arms, I have no intention of letting them droop. All I need is for the warm weather to return so I can dust off those strappy dresses and tops...
£12.95 says The Mail owns shares in "Nip&Fab".
By me123
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Room with a view... and a £2,000 premium: Price of St Ives retreat trebles during school holidays

What set out to be an article on how difficult it is to find a holiday for a reasonable price turns into an advert for one premium priced property.
The changing rates for the wooden ‘seaside villa’ show how the average family can struggle to find a reasonably priced break during school holidays.
Really? I don't think an average family would be looking at this property. It's the high end of the market, and if they can rent the home for that price, why don't they? As for people struggling to find holidays, I've found this holiday let just down the road. 3* accommodation, 2 bedrooms (would fit most families with 2 kids), looks pretty good, good reviews from customers. £386 for 7 nights w/c 23/3/13. That's the same week the Mail's hot property pick is up at £2899. £386 is hardly going to break the bank, is it? Absolute bargain, in fact.

I found that in 2 minutes DM, and I don't even know the area. It's not the best property on the market, but I can guarantee there's much worse out there. I somehow doubt people are struggling to get holidays.
Founder and co-director Julianne Shelton added: ‘It’s in such high demand in the summer, it’s really because of that.
'Over and above this factor, the prices diversify so much due to its prime location – there isn’t another property like it in the area. Guests absolutely love it.’
Oh, so this is a unique property? So there's really no news story then, it's just a look at (an admittedly lovely looking) holiday let in Cornwall...
By SoulBoy
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Wash & Grow: Shampoo can trigger hair growth at twice normal rate say makers

Read more: ... z2H5AePBzB" onclick=";return false;

Was unsure whether to post this in Copy n Paste or a dodgy science thread.

Clinical trials have been carried out over the past 12 months on 1,000 men and women, who were asked to wash their hair with the shampoo and conditioner daily.
Nothing in PubMed, an admittedly quick Google search hasn't revealed which peer-reviewed journal the results were published in or any further methodological details.

After the first six weeks, the hair of half the subjects tested showed increased growth – on average 17 per cent more than normal.
Doubled you say?

However, after another six weeks’ use of Fast all the men and women’s hair had increased growth. On average, after 12 weeks, hair grew 30 per cent faster than usual...
Doubled you say?
...although one subject experienced a 99 per cent boost in hair length.
Aah, that statistically important one in a thousand shot!
By Fozzy
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And what is "more than normal" growth? They seem to have measured only against some undefined norm, not what is actually the norm for the people they tested. They've only apparently done trials over the last 12 months. To make it a valid trial, they should have checked the subjects' hair growth over the preceding 12 months to establish what each individual's normal hair growth was, taking into account factors such as diet and weather.

On the other hand, maybe I'm taking this too seriously.
Absolutely right, Fozzy.

Many of the comments on that article are suggesting it doesn't work, and asking the Mail how much they received for running the advert.

On the product website, there are details of a clinical trial involving 20 people from 2010 (the trial was sponsored by the product makers):
On average the 19 volunteers had a growth rate of 1.7 cm in the initial 42 day period. After the first test period the average growth rate increased to 2.0 cm. This is an average increase of 17% considered to be statistically significant. After the second test period the average growth rate increased to 2.2 cm or a 30% increase. The highest growth rate observed over the test period was 99% the lowest was 5%.
Yet the Mail claims the 99% person happened in the 'past 12 months' among trials of 1,000. Hmm.
Robber armed with 'HIV syringe' who was chased off by shopkeeper with a bottle of toilet duck is jailed for three years

Image ... z2MUIWcnig" onclick=";return false;
By Esqui
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OK, I know this is off-topic, but the puns that came from the local paper are amazing...
"it could have been a Bleach of the peace"
"He could have been trying to get a clean getaway."
"All these toilet analogies are driving me round the bend. Maybe we'll get to see the above video in full on 'U' tube. Fair play to the shop worker he obviously wasn't going to stand for any shit!"
"I thought it was a family issue, I thought it was a domestos incident. Do I get £10?"
"Toilet Duck? Was it the shop in Mallard Road?"
Drug dealers' ebay selling ecstasy and HEROIN doubles its sales to £1MILLION a month... and the police are powerless to ban it
The 'Silk Road' website is known as the eBay of the drugs world ... z2ONZtf8fx" onclick=";return false;
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Seduction secrets of the French revealed
When it comes to seduction, French women believe they have it down to a fine art.

And now they are set to share the secret of their success as ezinra, France's answer to Sister Wendy, lunches in the UK.

Here, in a Mailwatch exclusive, ezinra reveals five tips to allow British women to bring sexy French flair to the bedroom...

1 It's all in your walk. Don't leave your stick at home. Remember you can't hop down the steps of a bus like you used to. If you must fall over, make sure you're not carrying a shopping bag in each hand.

2 Be bovine. Imagine you're a great big cow with flappy udders and a brain the size of a sprout. Seduction is about understanding the effects of your movements (stand up, chew, poo, lie down) and using them to your advantage.

3 Be a lady. Wear a tuxedo. Cry at romantic twaddle. Use lots of profanities. Drink.

4 Squirt shamelessly. At a dinner party, under the table, take somebody's hand and slowly stroke it along your thigh, leading up to your boxer shorts. Then blame the dog.

5 Don't waste money on tat. Avoid mass-produced lingerie that is marketed using crappy stereotypes. And don't buy the Mail. Nothing kills romance like the Dacre Droop.
One woman who was glad she answered the phone to a salesman! Solar panel cold caller saved life of 84-year-old when he realised she was having a stroke ... z2Orlln1TI" onclick=";return false;

By Fflaps
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Who needs laundry: [sic] the shirt you can wear for 100 DAYS without washing or ironing ... oning.html" onclick=";return false;

If I wasn't on the ipad I'd be putting a picture of Jimmy Hill here.
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