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By Big Arnold
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]Pharmaceutical boss's son, 21, addicted to crystal meth was killed by a train while fleeing from police who had been called to his parents' £1.6m home, inquest hears

Somehow I don't think the value of the house was mentioned at the inquest. ... z4nDBqlQ1x" onclick=";return false;
By Big Arnold
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Uncle 'stabs his teenage niece, 19, to death and stashes her chopped up body in the FRIDGE of a £1.5million West London home in a suspected honour killing that left her cousin fighting for life'

Only £1.5m?
They had been called to the leafy surbuban address, where properties fetch up to £3million, earlier the same day over fears for the welfare of two women. ... z4nRu7dyyX" onclick=";return false;
By Big Arnold
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[Murder police unable to identify the gender or age of charred human remains found in the back garden of a £900,000 West London home as man, 40, and woman are arrested ... -fire.html" onclick=";return false;
By Big Arnold
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Homeless man, 24, admits murdering 'the mother he never had' and her son, 13, before leaving her husband to die in the garden of £440,000 home they once shared with him ... urder.html" onclick=";return false;
By Daley Mayle
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REVEALED: Father-of-two 'shoved under tube train by a mental health patient on day release' is a 55-year-old global finance expert who lives in a £1m flat with his Deutsche Bank worker wife

Antiques dealer charged over death of seven-year-old girl who was found dying at £1million house
By Big Arnold
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Witnesses on Banyard Road, a quiet backstreet of £700,000 terraced homes near Southpark Park, said he was left dangling from his rope 20ft in the air before being pulled down. ... z4yRI1aOjB" onclick=";return false;
By mattomac
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And produce 30k from the bank of Mum and Dad.

Thing is, I don't go often to be honest and wouldn't spend more than £20 on it a week, I've not taken a foreign holiday in years, my holidays consist of going to Cornwall and the odd city break.

I do bring in lunch from home and I do eat at home a lot.

I doubt for some reason if I cut out anything else that I'd raise over more than a grand and quite frankly why would I want to be miserable? It's another one of those utterly dreadful articles about how to save for a mortgage, same can be seen when it's two smug gits who have a house in some godawful place and work in two jobs that I think I'd kill myself doing.

It often has hidden catches of living at home rent free for about 4 years or a generous donation from Mum and Dad, I did one of those debt calculator things and stretched it right back, I'd be able to save roughly about £250 a month and be as miserable as sin. And for what? To own a bit of a house after 4 years with additional debt.

I have £7,000 in my savings of course that might have been enough for a deposit about 20-30 years ago.
By Big Arnold
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Man sparks a bomb scare after walking into a police station with a 1950s artillery shell which he had used a DOOSTOP for 40 years
Local residents told of 'scary' scenes as police knocked on their doors and told them to leave their homes on The Avenue, which has an average house value of £850,000
So the DM valued all the houses, added the amounts up, then divided the total by the number of houses. Why? Just why? ... z4zZFSL7sM" onclick=";return false;
By Big Arnold
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Police seal off £400,000 house where woman in her 60s is found dead as man is arrested on suspicion of murder
The woman, in her 60s, was found unconscious at a property in a leafy cul-de-sac
She died too late in the year for that.

Image ... -dead.html
By Big Arnold
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Woman, 63, is arrested after walking into a police station and telling officers she had killed her father 'a number of years ago' and buried his body in their suburban garden.

Police have started searching a garden at a £130,000 property in Matlock Road ... z53hxbiz3R
By Big Arnold
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Finding a body has knocked £3,000 off the value.
Detectives later dug up the garden of her £127,000 semi in Stockport, Greater Manchester and found human remains, feared to be those of Kenneth Coombes. ... z53mw2hFhZ
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