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By Timbo
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Something I've noticed, the younger and fresher-faced somebody is, the more vigorous and perversely detailed the descriptions of their suggested punishment becomes.

This guy committed a pretty horrific (although I suspect largely idiotic than malicious) thing, and the comment board is working itself up in a masturbatory lather thinking up implements he should be publicly spanked with. I've mockingly put this in:
I would happily pay for the chance to put this muscular, smooth young man over my knee. All in the interests of British justice, of course.
- John Smith, Birmingham, 4/8/2010 15:35
Currently climbing happily into the green.

We saw the same thing a few months ago with the uni graduate girl who glassed a police officer.

Is there some massive BDSM undercurrent to the Mailite psyche?
By Andy McDandy
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Thankyou for putting the image of dozens of people in gasmasks, with vibrators shoved up their nethers, tapping out odes to Littlejohn while being flogged by a strutting Leather Domme, into my mind.

And thank me for sharing it with you all too.
By Mr Mordon
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Not S&M as such, but there was that disgusting 'story' about the lady who died of a heart attack apparently due to being over aroused.

This sort of voyeurism is a general tabloid thing not just confined to the Mail or its readers
By Andy McDandy
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You mean "Anything 'kinky' arousing disgust and fascination in equal measure"?

Oh hell yeah. Very much so.

I always loved the phrasing the tabloids use*, such as "Sex act too disgusting to be named in a family newspaper". Oh go on, just say bumming.

*The Star on the other hand knows its audience and talks directly to them. Back during 'Sachsgate', some lucky journo 'reviewed' some of Georgina Baillie's career highlights on film, and commented at length on the state of her 'ladygarden' in each film. British journalism, eh? Finest in the world etc etc.
By The Hate Mail
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Mr Mordon wrote:That headline also stands out in utter crassness for commenting on the value of the couples house.

Would it have been less serious if they lived in a 1 bedroom terrace in Rochdale? :x
Yes, yes it would be, by their standards. It was made worse because it was cottage as well. In fact was it one of those 'dream cottages' they like to give a way. Was it somebody from here who burnt it down?

I like the comment that they should hang him! Yes arson is now a hanging offence.
By Timbo
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Indeed. Rape and birching, hence my feeling obliged to start this post.

It's almost as if the demand for these outrage articles is designed to give the reader an outlet for all their twisted childhood shit that boarding school, nanny and that older boy who lived down the road beat into them.
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davidjay wrote:There seems an odd obsession with and approval of rape on there.
It's more like they don't think it exists but I'm not sure whether they think it's because men are entitled to it at all times and with whoever, or that the women who "cry" rape (it's always "cry" as if to imply they're whining) are always lying and they must've been "asking for sex" in the way they dressed, behaved or generally live. I'm inclined to think it's the latter of the two as the Mail hates women (except Thatcher of course).
By bluebellnutter
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With a number of "Mailites", the actions of a minority cause the whole group to be tarnished.

Some Muslims are terrorists = all Muslims are terrorists.
Some EU directives are bad = all EU directives are bad.
Some women falsify rape claims = all women falsify rape claims.

And that's just the tip of a very, very big iceberg.
By storygirl
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Please,dont give S&M a bad name bu associating it with mailites!
By Timbo
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Thanks to GlasgowGirl for spotting this little gem:
In the 50's, six of the best was the order of the day for stepping out of line, guilty or not. Girls got it on the hand and boys on the rear end. The canes were whiplash heavy and supple after years of being soaked in linseed oil. They hurt parts no stiff cane could ever get to.
But it didn't stop there. If you were sent to the headmaster after dinner for fighting you knew what was coming. He invariably kept you waiting to keep the fear of God in you and owned the mother of all canes. Then when you turned up for the next class with a numb bum you got six more of the best for being late.
I earned the dubious record of having at least six of the best every day of the week. The last lesson on a Friday was PT and in the showers at the end of the day the other kids were aghast. The weal's on my ar** looked like a roadmap of Wyoming.
- Dirtpoor, Hardscratch farm, 27/8/2010 13:22
Attached to a number of disturbingly similar pocket-rubbing comments: ... s-60s.html" onclick=";return false;
In the UK in the 1980s, I still got smacked at school, had daily assembly and prayer, and taught the old fashioned way. Best years of my school life. Shortly after I left England, they abolished smacking. What do the modern-day schools teach kids up there, how to claim dole and pee on war monuments? Even our South African teachers (and here you're used to everything!) who go teach in the UK come back running, unable to deal with those monsters!
- Matt, South Africa, 27/8/2010 12:26
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