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Malcolm Armsteen wrote:But the ring wasn't around the 'difference' - it was round the VW badge.[*]
For added fail, they placed the ring round the VW badge, which is identical on every VW van, whereas placing it round the number plate would have drawn attention to the fact that both pictures were of the same van, just one of the pics had been photoshopped.

Though it must be said, LJB isn't the only one making posts which may be open to interpretation, merely the mos frequent :lol:
Women who include plenty of fibre in their diet are a FIFTH LESS likely to develop bowel control problems as they age, finds new research
Anatomy 101 fail.

Image ... nence.html
Six-year-old boy is 'removed' from school after showing off KNIFE to fellow pupil in playground
Have the rules of hopscotch changed since I was a child?

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