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By Tom_UK
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Has to be worth it's own thread...

Asked for ID to buy quiche. Points for holding the offending item, but I'm marking her down for smirking and for the lack of a background, photoshopped or otherwise. 3/10

A bit better. Asked for ID at 33 for his bottle of Rosé. Scores again for holding up the item, for getting his partner involved, and for actually attempting to look sad. But why aren't they being photographed in front of the store where it happened? 7/10

Can't get a pepperoni pizza because his local Domino's has gone Halal. This one is textbook. The punter looks annoyed, is holding the offending item and is standing outside the place where the incident occurred. The wearing of a thick coat adds a flourish worthy of Jeremy Vine's Panorama intros. 10/10
You certainly can, much like you can get kosher hot dogs - just change the meat! ... andSalami/" onclick=";return false; ... 1kg/PIZ026" onclick=";return false;

It's an outrage, I tells ya!
Back in the Olden Days when we had a proper Safeway and everyfin' you could get Kosher Kola. Honest...
Bloody forrins, trying to change our classic British dishes like pizza with pepperoni on it...
Looks more like the traditional bulldog + piss + stinging nettle situation.
Fflaps wrote:More like a scaryface. I like her lipstick though, as an occasional wearer of red lippy I know it's hard to find a good shade. So I'll be lenient with her on that basis. 5/10 - she's obviously dressed up for the photo too.
I think that's fair. Ideally I'd like to see her actually holding the picture, perhaps gazing ruefully at the spot on the wall where it used to hang.
To be fair, the little boy has legitimate reason to pull a sad face- about the fact he has an attention seeking nutter for a mother
And he's being photographed from his wrong side - you can't see his Engerland tattoo.
Not allowed to sell poppies in Aldi. GERMAN Aldi!!!


I think this is a 6/10. Scores for being a wronged OAP and standing outside the shop, but he's not even holding a poppy. The photographer could have scored more points if he'd found some grandchildren to put in the shot as well. Frowning children are always a bonus.
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