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Council killjoys order father, 42, to remove his four-year-old daughter's SWING from his garden in case other children play on it ... SWING.html


Not his garden:
...the flat, where Marnie lives with her mother.

Definitely not his garden:
An East Kent Housing spokesman says the swings are in an area of communal garden
The 42-year-old says his offer to unclip the swings when they were not in use was turned down because that would still invalidate the council's insurance.
So not council killjoys then.
They got a mention in HIGNFY. On tonight's compilation programme.
Big Arnold wrote:
Mon Apr 16, 2018 8:35 am
Pastry-loving couple are furious after Morrisons refused to sell them a meat pie before 9am though they could buy as many fruit pies as they wanted

Image ... e-9am.html
Grandmother, 80, is left in 'floods of tears' after she was fined £50 because her dog lead was 'TOO LONG' for the area where she was walking her pet

I hate those bastard extending dog leads. I could have tripped over one last week after dark when a dog on the end of one came round the corner. ... -long.html

By the way, is there going to be a 2018 sadface of the year competition?
By the way, is there going to be a 2018 sadface of the year competition?
SadFaces are a dying breed. Why pay £40 to the local press when you can just nick photos from Facebook?
Mother-of-three, 45, who parked in a parents’ parking space outside a Co-Op is fined £260 because she didn’t take her children out of the car
A promising start to the new year. Two sadface stories in the first week.

Image ... space.html
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