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I see she's got the backing of her local UKIP councillor.
Local UKIP Councillor for Alvaston, Alan Graves, has said he will support Kirsty and the residents in their fight with the housing group.

Cllr Graves said: 'It seems a little odd that the housing group are stopping the residents from using a communal area for the purpose it was intended.

'It's a case of Bah Humbug, isn't it? And here's me thinking Scrooge was dead!
Does he realise that Scrooge was actually a fictional character?
Said communal area being used for the purpose it was intended is, in fact, a car park. I mean, this shit is all in the article, so why print the Kipper's easy populist soundbites that are demonstrably false?

Oh, right. Daily Mail.
Man who said all TWELVE of the TVs he bought from John Lewis were faulty is banned from ever shopping with the firm again
The 54-year-old says he has had to return the sets due to problems including 'ghosting', 'calibrating' and 'pixelating'. ... anned.html
Mother says school is 'cruel beyond words' for threatening her son, 15 with prom ban if he goes on family holiday in term time to go to aunt's wedding
Image ... l#comments
Single father-of-six slams his retired magistrate neighbour after she installs an anti-CHILD 'mosquito' alarm which can only be heard by people under 25 to keep his kids away from her house ... d-25s.html



Some classic sad facing but I think points will need to be deducted for wearing face paints while sad facing.
Just wanted to say ‘thank you’ as this thread has kept me hugely entertained for several evenings. Hopefully I can find something suitable to add to it in the coming days.
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