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Daley Mayle wrote:
Mon Jul 30, 2018 10:37 am
Are you one of the West country Grunter-Pulpits? Jolly good family I seem to recall.
Sadly not. My family came from the wrong side of the tracks - the Chipping Sodbury side.
Polyp Grunter-Pulpit wrote:
Mon Jul 30, 2018 7:30 pm
Sadly not. My family came from the wrong side of the tracks - the Chipping Sodbury side.
Head yersel off to the Introductions section in Off Topic, @Polyp Grunter-Pulpit .

Welcome aboard!
Council refuses to cancel roofer's £300 bill for keeping empty crisp packets in his work van without a rubbish licence but he vows not to pay the fine
Para 19 wrote:Stewart Gosling, 43, kept the stash of empty crisp packets and water bottles in a plastic commercial waste bag in the back of his white van.
He said: 'Our inspectors did find a little bit more than Mr Gosling is suggested was in the back of his van and the picture that has been used by some of the newspapers does not show the full extent of what the inspectors found.' ... k-van.html
They punished my son for fidgeting... but they'd taken his fidget spinner away': Parents fume after 'naughty' pupils are forced to watch as 'well behaved' youngsters enjoy fun day
Image ... ables.html
Paragraph 19....
'The Year 6 fun day, funded by both parents and our Parent Teacher Association, is a celebration for all of our children. While the children rightly recognised for their continued good behaviour over the school year were given the first place on the inflatables, this was not at the cost of the other children.

'They had a choice of other activities and time on the inflatables and, with all of our pupils, had equal access to ice cream.
Or, kids had to wait their turn.
'Why can't the Spanish go somewhere else for their holidays?': British grandmother, 81, claims her trip to Benidorm was ruined by 'too many rude locals' in her hotel ... ocals.html


Another dream holiday ruined.
Council is slammed for 'reigniting neighbourhood class war' that dates back to 1930s after workers resurface 'posh end' of Oxfordshire road but leave the other completely untouched ... treet.html

I wonder if the photographer even spotted it...

Sport are tommeh!! 1!

Teenager, 17, quits her art training course ‘after her tutor warned her she was “too right wing” over her support for Tommy Robinson ... -wing.html

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