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Big Arnold wrote:
Wed May 01, 2019 6:50 pm
He said: ‘I’m a little amateur and it costs me a small fortune to come all the way from Northern Ireland, with all the airplanes, trains and taxis and everything.
Problem solved.
The key to Ken’s longevity is, rather predictably, staying off the booze and tobacco. He added: ‘I don’t agree with drinking alcohol because it not only affects you the next day but the day after that. ‘Oh, and the other benefit of not drinking is you’re a lot wealthier.’
Family rack up £4,000 fines parking on double yellows outside their own house that they campaigned for after car knocked down their daughter, four


Not the greatest Sadface but some quality "the rules don't apply to me".
Mr Taylor, who cannot park on his driveway because his wife Casey's car is there, said: 'The guy who did it told me he was sorry but he couldn't get them up and told me to call the council.

'I got a letter and they just told me to apply to a funding scheme. I've had about £4,000 in parking tickets and I've had to pay a bailiff £400 when he clamped my car.

'How can I leave my car somewhere else when it says in my insurance that it's parked outside my house at night? I'm getting in a lot of debt.

'I want them to come out and fix it. I feel like they are just fobbing me off.'
Can you really specify "right outside my house" when getting an insurance quote?
I am posting this as I don't expect that the drive has shrunk since they first viewed the house.
Couple buy £250,000 three-bedroom 'dream' home only to find driveway is too narrow for them to open door of their BMW
Image ... w-BMW.html
Mother-of-five, 31, is banned from EVERY Asda in Britain after being accused of shoplifting when her scan-as-you-go machine missed £16 of her shopping

Image ... fting.html
Fury at EU flag on eco building despite 1,000-plus petition - 'Absolutely disgusting ... ricity/amp
zGHBafkTKNfIocv-800x450-noPad.jpg (81.64 KiB) Viewed 5647 times
In which the flag is presented backwards.
An improvement on the usual upside-down.

Bloke on left looking confused.
Bloke on right could have taken a cue form one of the several hundred on his jacket.
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Disabled grandfather is sacked by Asda after colleague complained about him sharing an 'anti-Islamic' Billy Connolly sketch on his Facebook page. ... ebook.html


Entirely wrong I know to judge anyone based simply on their appearance, but I somehow sense a profiler would not be necessary in this instance.
Seems harsh, but to make an assessment of whether Asda acted properly here, you'd need to see the company's social media policy which it is alleged that grandad breached by posting a Billy Connolly Youtube clip.

But of course, the Mail hasn't bothered to report what the policy is.
'They said seven people, all Asian as I understand it, had complained including the woman at head office who escalated the complaint.

'I thought I would get off with a final written warning but then I realised I was going. I am going to lodge an appeal to tomorrow.
So, not the first time, then?
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"all Asian as I understand it".

Aye. Grand so, big fella. You don't know, but you understand, do you?

I'm going to go out on a limb and say it most likely wasn't the Connolly sketch that caused the bother, and there was a fucking sewer of comments below it causing the issue.
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