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I know it's the Fail, but the impression I get is that a retired business consultant (whatever one of those might be) with an overwheening sense of self-importance and entitlement tried to bully a tea room owner into doing what he wanted at a knock-down price, and got his nose out of joint when the tea room owner got fed up and (politely) told him to fuck off.

And, we are led to believe, because said retired business consultant (whatever one of those might be) couldn't get the reception venue he wanted, has had to cancel the wedding (a likely story) and, in spite of receiving a full refund, is suing the tea room owner for ruining the big day, even though the decision to cancel the wedding was his own.

To summarise, bullying cunt used to getting his own way sues man for not letting him get his own way.

Good effort on the sadfacing though.

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By KevS
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A business consultant is a glorified Financial Adviser. And an FA is one of the single most occupations full of incompetent criminal fuckwits who think they know everything and can get their own way.

Then when due to their utter shambolic "advice" somebody ends up losing tens of thousands of pounds, they basically leg it.

Frauds and charlatans.
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