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By Squeaker
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After following one of Malcolm's links, this caught my eye .. ... tevez-move" onclick=";return false;
A football business advisor involved in bringing Argentinian striker Carlos Tevez to the Premier League is suing the Daily Mail and columnist Martin Samuel for unlimited libel damages
This chap seems to deal in very large sums of money, so what do you think he'll settle for?
By Big Arnold
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Judge dismisses appeal against £65k libel victory by friend of former Scotland Yard chief Lord Blair
Andrew Miller said his reputation had been 'trashed' by claims he had won Metropolitan Police contracts through cronyism
Appeal by Associated Newspapers was dismissed by Lord Justice Kay ... z2rRD4JoWY" onclick=";return false;
By Paul
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JK Rowling sues Daily Mail for libel over 'single mother' article ... -dailymail" onclick=";return false;

Editors in Chief should be held personally liable for the Damages awarded.
By mrleebob
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Would explain the positioning of Page 3 in the Sun. Which man would possibly read corrections if they can see tits on the next page? Or leave the page open to read on a bus or train?
By Malcolm Armsteen
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Killer Whale wrote:Paul Weller wins damages from the Mail Online" onclick=";return false;
"Plainly voyeuristic"...

By Big Arnold
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Mail to apologise over claim JK Rowling gave misleading 'sob story' about single mother past
The Daily Mail has admitted it libeled Harry Potter author JK Rowling over a story which said she gave a misleading "sob story" about being taunted by churchgoers for being a single mother.

The paper admitted liability under the “offer of amends” procedure in the Defamation Act. But it has yet to agree what damages to pay Rowling and it has challenged her right to make a unilateral statement in open court about the matter. ... other-past" onclick=";return false;
By satnav
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Arnold wrote:
Rock star Paul Weller has won £10,000 damages after pictures of his children were "plastered" on the Mail Online.
What sort of deterrent is that?
I'm sure I read somewhere that the Mail is planning to appeal against the judgement. They are trying to argue that the pictures are innocent and that Weller has surrendered his right to privacy because he has previously allowed his kids to be photographed. Dacre really doesn't get it does he?
By Andy McDandy
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As Herbie Stempel said in the film, 'Quiz Show' - "You know what the problem with you bums is? You never leave a guy alone, until you leave him alone!"

His point was very relevant here - the media treat anyone in the public eye as public property, right up to the point their life is ruined. Then, when they could help, they don't want to know.

Meanwhile, seems the judge chucked out the Mail's attempt to gag JKR. Details: ... wling.html" onclick=";return false;

Expect a hatchet job from Mandy or Moir over the next few days.
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