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By Big Arnold
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Pussycat Dolls sue Daily Mail owner over 'prostitution ring' story

Former girl group member Kaya Jones claimed members were used for sex by music executives – the group has now sued the Mail’s parent company for publishing her remarks ... kaya-jones
By Catkins
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Daily Mail to pay Kate Maltby £11,000 costs over negative article ... ve-article

It's not enough to hurt their profits, but she's giving half to a women's anti-harassment charity which probably irks Dacre.
By Catkins
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In case you are wondering whether Greig will be any better than Dacre...

MOS makes very serious allegations of criminal behaviour, against Sasha Wass QC.
Refuses to respond to direct complaint from Wass.
Wass forced to go to IPSO which finds in her favour after 10 months.
MOS keeps the libelous article up as IPSO has no power to compel them to remove false stories, pay damages or apologise.
Wass sues and gets 'substantial' damages and a full apology, 2 years late. ... ation/amp/

The original article was written by David Rose who has form for making stuff up.
By Big Arnold
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“The article contained a catalogue of factual inaccuracies, which could and should have been avoided by reference to readily available public material accessible by any investigative journalist.”
Yebbut this is the Daily Mail.
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