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By Big Arnold
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SALLY Morgan is to sue the Daily Mail with a legal team including Abraham Lincoln, Clarence Darrow and someone who claims to be John Mortimer.
By Malcolm Armsteen
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Daily Mail in $30m lawsuit over sexualisation of a 5-year old...

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By Dirty hippy
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Two lawsuits where I'm on the Mail's side? Is 2012 opposite year or something?

The psychic wants to sue because the Mail suggested she might not be authentic. She is also refusing to be tested for authenticity. I find this logic hilarious.

The 5 year olds parents arranged or at least allowed there girl to perform in a night club singing "I'm sexy and I know it", do you really need to say any more? Unless the Mail really stepped over the line (I've not read the offending article) it's pretty hard to see how they can be shocked at the resulting reports.
By Malcolm Armsteen
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Catrina Trimingham (Chris Huhne's latest - keep up) is suing the Mail for infringement of her privacy. ... 23165.html" onclick=";return false;

Another one for Leveson?
By Malcolm Armsteen
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The story is back:
Chris Huhne's partner accuses Daily Mail of invasion of privacy
Lawyers for Chris Huhne's partner Carina Trimingham on Monday accused the Daily Mail at the high court in London of a "cataclysmic interference" with her private life. ... daily-mail" onclick=";return false;
By oboogie
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University Tutor Luke Cooper Wins £60,000 High Court Libel Damages Against Mail And Standard

The Daily Mail story portrayed Cooper as one of the "hard core" who organised the riot at the Conservative Party's headquarters in 2010. They illustrated the article with a facebook photo "showing Cooper at a social event in a pub a couple of years earlier, [giving] the impression of a man "smiling joyously at the havoc wreaked" " ... _hp_ref=uk" onclick=";return false;
By Paul
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University tutor wins £60,000 libel damages from Mail and Standard ... el-damages" onclick=";return false;
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