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By Messianic Trees
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No contest:

BBC radio host is suspended after 'misogynistic' rant in which he claimed that 'moustached librarian-type' mothers should breastfeed in private because it was a 'throwback to the Stone Age'
DJ made bizarre rant about breastfeeding on his morning show yesterday
53-year-old said 'it was OK in the Stone Age' but that now 'we don't like it'
Comments sparked fury and a petition called for him to be taken off air
Father-of-three later apologised but has been suspended by the BBC

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By Fozzy
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Lots of ranting about freedom of speech from idiots who don't comprehend that no-one is preventing him from speaking as freely as he likes, but that just as he has freedom of speech so does the Beeb have the freedom to decide that they don't want utter idiots using their facilities to air their stupidity.
By Bones McCoy
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In which our commentators, (usually such big fans of corporal punishment, rote learning, religious values and unqualified teachers) perform a reverse ferret.
By Killer Whale
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Bones McCoy wrote: ... l#comments

In which our commentators, (usually such big fans of corporal punishment, rote learning, religious values and unqualified teachers) perform a reverse ferret.
Was wondering when that would make an appearance. They are so fucking predictable. :roll:
By Messianic Trees
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Benefits couple claim they can't find work because immigrants get 'first pickings' of all the jobs and say everyone who comes into the country should be TAGGED
Robert Harper works as a part-time cleaner but still collects JSA benefits
His unemployed wife Christine blames immigrants for the lack of jobs
The pair receive Jobseeker's Allowance, Child Benefit and Housing Benefit

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By Malcolm Armsteen
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Robert tells the cameras that he 'didn't have much education' and has to ask his wife for help when filling in job applications.
He is later seen calling a cleaning company and applying for another job, which would be an extra four hours on both Saturday and Sunday. 'I don't mind getting up for £7 an hour, more money for me isn't it?' he said.
But his efforts are squashed [sic] when he arrives at the interview without his glasses and is unable to read the paperwork.
Why aren't all the executive recruitment agencies beating his door down?

It's harsh now, for the essentially unemployable.
By youngian
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Well that's a win-win story for different readership sections; blame the immigrants or blame him for his predicament for being a fat smoking chav getting cushy benefits.
When he's not at work or signing on, Robert spends his time looking for jobs. He believes his age is holding him back as companies are more willing to take on younger people, train them up and 'pay them less'.
Is it just my unscientific observation that firms are responding to the changing older demographic and employing older people in retail positions?
By Fozzy
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Jeremy Vine posts footage of encounter with agitated motorist while cycling home ... z4Ix6wWITc" onclick=";return false;

Dreadful dilemma for Mailites. Who to support, who to slag off? On the one hand they have a BBC employee on a bike. On the other hand, they have black woman in a car. I think a few brains have exploded.
By SoulBoy
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Two Polish men who threw rashers of bacon at London mosque-goers, shouting 'enjoy f***ers' as they fled the scene are jailed for eight months

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By Bones McCoy
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Prince Harry's new girlfriend Phwoarrh!!! It's a regular shed edition.

Prince Harry's new 'mixed race' girlfriend - the comments aren't happy. The Queen will put a stop to this...

One wonders who's moderating..
No no harry she is not royal material at all big mistake
Does anyone really think that the 'Royal powers that be' will sanction this relationship? I imagine poor Harry will be told to nip the romance in the bud before it gets very serious.
Obligatory reference to St Diana.
She is a stunning woman. But considering her mix background and his family's well documented prejudiced and r @c!st views (especially his grandmother and grandfather) I doubt that this will go any further than the bed sheets. After all look at the fate his mother met when she dated a person who wasn't white!
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By Malcolm Armsteen
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You mean like this bRanefArt?

Selene, Houston, United States, about 6 hours ago
yeah, I dont believe this for a second. I did not read the article because I did not have to. Just looking at the pics, there is no WAY, Harry would date her. Ok, well, its not like I know Harry or anything, but lets be honest, he is a Prince and will always be expected to date/marry a certain type of woman. Just by looking at her pics, I do not believe she will be wandering around the Palace anytime soon.
By Bones McCoy
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I think this one is an attempt at poetry.
Contains lots of short sentences, but fails on the critical point that it doesn't all rhyme.

(Newlines are all my own work - try it in a Rap style)
Harry, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Not a girl in show business.
They usually last maybe two years, because they're phony.
Get a nice English girl. Not an actress.
Your heart is to good for this type of woman.
Lust of the flesh doesn't usually work long term.
You need to find someone with a heart like your Mother's.
She'll be hard to find but worth the wait. Someone like Chelsea.
I wish you two could come to terms,
it's evident the love is there.
You and she just click.
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