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By Malcolm Armsteen
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In Esperanto. Makes more sense.

Harry, NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ne knabinon en la spektaklo.
Ili kutime daŭri eble du jaroj, ĉar ili estas falsaj.
Akiri belan angla knabino. Ne aktorino.
Via koro estas bona por ĉi tiu tipo de virino.
Deziregon de la karno ne kutime laboras longtempe.
Vi devas trovi iun kun koro kiel via patrino.
Ŝi estos malfacile trovi sed valoras la embuskon. Iu kiel Chelsea.
Bonvolu du povis veni al esprimoj,
ĝi estas evidenta la amo estas tie.
Vi kaj ŝi simple alklaku.
By Big Arnold
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Google Gaelic is a bit rough if it can't cope with "you"

Harry, NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Neo-nighean ann an taisbeanadh gnothachais.
Tha iad mar as trice a mhaireadh 's dòcha dà bhliadhna, oir tha e meallta
Faigh laghach Beurla nighean. Neo-chleasaiche.
'S e do chridhe gu math airson an t-seòrsa boireannach.
Lust* na feòla nach eil mar as trice ag obair san ùine fhada.
Feumaidh tu cuideigin a lorg le cridhe mar do mhàthair.
Bidh i doirbh a lorg ach an fhiach fholach. Cuideigin mar Chelsea.
Mi a 'guidhe dhuibh dà dh'fhaodadh tighinn ri cumhachan,
tha e follaiseach an gaol a th 'ann.
You** agus i dìreach briog.

* Miann
By Bones McCoy
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The Red Arrow wrote:Was that fed through Google translate?
I think it's one of those mentalists who camp outside royal residences for weeks on end dressed in union flag onesies and hope to glimpse a royal.
By Bones McCoy
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#494436 ... l#comments

Who do the Mailites favour:
Trump's poorly implemented border security, or a British military veteran and VC winner.

Looks like a win for the Donald - Orange beats black again.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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The main event:

Trump V's Putin

I Hate SCAMS, Harrow Middlesex, United Kingdom, 38 minutes ago
I thought with Trump as President the world would be safer, but now Trump has ordered strikes without evidence makes me feel our time is almost up. Putin is the man to be respected. Russia doesn't want war, but the West is always poking in the big stick with everything aimed at them.
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kiwipommie, Napier, New Zealand, 1 hour ago
Pot calling the kettle black. Ukraine???
+684 -237
MeggyMoo1, London, United Kingdom, 1 hour ago
But it's fine for Russia to bomb Syria?
+567 -261
Paradigm_Puppet, Sweet Home Allllllberta, Canada, 1 hour ago
Trump sold out to the neocons. WW3 here we come.
+406 -109

Hmmmm. A close fought battle. I think we need to wait for the dust to settle before a clear winner is established. It's look like Putin may have this, so far.

There's also a Farage v's Trump one going on, too. Farage is winning that comfortably.

Basically this is Putin and the alt-right on the same side.
By SoulBoy
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Two Mailite Favourites - The Queen vs Thatcher ... theid.html

Brenda's is winning the green arrows battle.
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