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By SoulBoy
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I've not seen a Mac cartoon for a while, I don't know if he is on holiday or if Geordie considers him a little low brow.

Perhaps he has been moonlighting ... liams.html
By Safe_Timber_Man
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Mac has taken the recent news about life expectancy not increasing for the first time since 1980 and turned it into a social media/technology/young people bashing exercise, much to the delight of the Mailites:

'Weird, apparently life expectancy has failed to improve for the first time since 1980. I wonder why.'

Meezer Squeezer, Lytham St Annes, United Kingdom, 6 hours ago
Turning a corner in our car one day, girl walks right in front of us glued to her mobile. Braked hard and beeped horn. She looked up and gave us one finger.
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Teresa, Cape Town, South Africa, 2 hours ago
Run her over.
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Returner101, London, United Kingdom, 2 hours ago
Have a dash cam fitted and then just run them over when they walk in front of you. Not my fault mate! Just look at the video.
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Not 100% sure what this one means:
Trevor, Gwent, United Kingdom, 1 hour ago
Man with purse: Must be due to global warming.
Something about people who believe in global warming, and the dangers of it, being queer?
By MisterMuncher
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Why would you draw this cartoon when:

Road deaths are at a statistical low, with no substantial, statistically significant variation or trend since the all-time low of 2011, and one THIRD of that recorded in 1980?
Britain as a whole has decreasing levels of pedestrian activity, both in terms of numbers and distance walked? True, this is affecting life expectancy, just not like this.
Surely, in order to have an impact on life expectancy, the cartoon should be showing the younger mobile zombies being killed, not the presumably older, otherwise law abiding motorist?
Mobile use by drivers is a much more well recognised cause of road deaths?

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