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In the name of the father and the holy roast… Face of Jesus is spotted in a Slovakian oven door

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Can you see the face of Jesus Christ? Photographer's snap of a dust storm that 'came and went in five seconds' reveals an 'image of the Messiah'

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mattomac wrote:It's old rowley....

That's who I saw too.

Which begs the question "Who would bottle it first: Charles IInd or a Kentish Headmaster enforcing his sensible hair regulations?"
Woman's KNEES are likened to Prince George's face after footballer claims to spot the royal (but do you see him?)
Chris Murphy spotted the woman while travelling through Manchester
He scrambled to take a photo of her knees saying the likeness was uncanny
He and his team mates were left 'in hysterics' after spotting the similarity

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LeeW, Red Pill FTW., United Kingdom, 7 hours ago
Jesus and his mother were a bit busy on that particular day so they sent the dog instead
Couple 'see JESUS' watching over their baby girl in ultrasound image

Melody, England, United Kingdom, 2 hours ago
Looks like Peter Sutcliffe ... z4qgEqySAh" onclick=";return false;
The comments are a joy. Suggestions so far include -

Charles Manson
Noel Edmonds
Frank Zappa
Russell Brand
Dave Grohl
Ringo Starr
Barry or Maurice Gibb
Kenny Everett
Jerry Garcia
Jeff Lynne
The puppet from the SAW movies
Bob Ross (elegantly permed painter m'lud)
Rolf Harris
Beetle Juice
and Demis Roussos

They are all wrong, it is clearly Peter Wyngarde.
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