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When I was a lad, many years ago and in an advertising agency far, far away, we held the Rowntrees account. Every Christmas, they would send those tins over and we would do the "erupting pack shot" thing.

We had a ball, especially if lunch hadn't troubled the kitchen.
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14th Jan 2019 by Cindy Tran
Diary of a flight attendant: Air hostess, 24, reveals exactly what she packs for every trip - and the $10.99 product that keeps her looking flawless for HOURS
Jetstar flight attendant Shelby Strong has shared her beauty and skincare secrets...

3rd Jan 2019, by Cindy Tran
From a $25 face mist that combats dehydrated skin to a luxury serum that restores moisture: Inside the makeup bag of a Jetstar flight attendant
Jetstar's Katherine Belot has offered a glimpse inside her makeup bag

8th August 2018, by Emilia Mazza and Sophie Haslett (Two Hacks !!)
Flight attendant reveals the $15 supermarket product that keeps her looking flawless on long-haul journeys - as the top beauty secrets from the sky are revealed
Jetstar's Flight attendant Katherine Belot has shared how she keeps her makeup fresh

Remember, Recycling articles saves effort for lazy hacks.
By Big-Iain
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